Toni&Guy - Hair Meets Wardrobe : Reverse Conical Wand

Toni&Guy have their Hair meets Wardrobe thing happening, the concept being you can find ideal hairstyles that go with your wardrobe personality making it easier for us to get that overall look, little fuss. Cool huh! On the website it gives you little tips on how to create the hairstyles, what product to use and even ideas for the wardrobe. So after a little fun quiz I was given I was told I was a casual boho babe - bingo! Easy, care-free and definitely me so happy to get the ideal hair meets wardrobe I was ready to try out this Reverse Conical Wand*.

toni & guy reverse conical wand GLOVE
toni & guy reverse conical wand_
I generally keep my hair curly these days as we know, so keeping any kind of waves in my hair is best for me, prefer the body. I've got a few different conical wands the change with this one is that it's a lot thicker at the tip than at the base, duh, reversed. I used this to give me more of a boost on my ends, my roots were already slightly poofy from the previous day -thanks to the humidity (as Adrienne put it, Leggo Hair, lmao!!) and after I blow dried it through I left some of that oomph.

I didn't wash my hair before doing this because it was washed the day previously. It heats up quickly and pretty darn hot - 200°C and there is no where to change the temperature but of course no matter what, when using heat - heat protectant is needed. I ran some oil through my hair after using a heat protector and started to section off my hair. It took me roughly 20 minutes to do my entire head, which I thought was pretty quick *pats own back*. At the tip of this, unlike another wand I have there is nowhere to put your finger, my hair generally once wrapped around the wand, sticks and I slide the hair off the barrel so that's not a minor issue personally.

The glove, previous gloves I have only come up to the wrist and if your a little bit clumsy there will be times when the wand will hit your arm a lot higher up, this glove comes up further than previous heat protecting gloves, keeping you burn free.

So I actually used the forming spray gel* at the end. Once the curls have cooled down, I rub some more oil in my hands and start to brush through with my fingers, no frizz and it gets the hair looking shiny too. I then sprayed the spray gel more at the ends and I was worried because it's very watery that my hair was going to just go back to curly, I started to get a little annoyed thinking I'd wasted time but then it started to dry and I noticed it didn't drench my hair or change the curls, it gave it a nice hold, sticky - no, hard - no. Whole load of movement.
Big thumbs up for this reverse conical wand, there's the option to have volume at the roots and tighter ends, or use it like I did.

What do you think of the reverse conical wand?

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