Latest in Beauty - Ultimate Summer of Discovery Box

As Summer drawers to a close, some of us are getting those last minute holiday's in before we start preparing for that other holiday in a few months, yes I mentioned it but o.k. it's too soon. Let us focus on this box, inside this box should contain essentials we need for that getaway.

Good to Go Anywhere: 4 handy sachets
What I'm getting from these wipes they are multi-purpose, free of nasties, they're non toxic and alcohol free. Safe for the face and can be used for any situation that we might need a wipe. If you're a germaphobe or just like to make sure you're germ free these are handy to keep on your persons. Flushable and if you only use a bit of the wipe, tear off the remainder and pop it back into the packet don't waste it.

L'Occitane: Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner
The only thing about this duo is the unfortunate combination of sodium laureth sulfates and dimethicone which are the two ingredients I dislike in shampoo/conditioners being that one strips the hair and the other just coats the hair. Now besides that it's good for those who don't mind those ingredients within their hair products, the smell of these are refreshing and will smell nice within hair. My nan isn't much of stickler for ingredients and she's taken the bottles to use lol - hey at least someone is getting use out of them.

STEAMCREAM: All in-one-natural moisturiser
Adore STEAMCREAM, I reviewed the brand last year if you want to read about it in full here. It's something I keep in my bag a lot, mainly due to the multi-purpose attributes this cream brings, it can be used for everything and anything on our bodies making it much easier to keep within arms reach. If you are like me and carry the world in your bag and need help minimising -multi-purpose products are the way forward to lighten that load. The quirky tin designs give it a personalised touch as you can pick accordingly to your desired taste. All the creams smell the same, it would be nice if they had a different variety of scents but hey one isn't complaining.

Sam Farmer: Body Wash
Fresh and mild scent, there wasn't much of a foaming. Subtle and gentle on the skin, I don't mind things that don't foam excessively even though it's a nice novelty. In the couple of days since using this my skin hasn't dried out and for my skin it's gentle for daily use. The scent lingers before cream or oil is applied.

Dr Nick Lowe: Purifying Foaming Cleanser & Spot Gel
Ingredients that help to tackle acne prone skin, such as Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark that has anti-bacterial properties something I haven't used within my routine before. Arnica helps reduce and soothe blemished, inflamed skin with vitamins A,C and E. I think I will take a risk and see how well this can work during a flare up. The spot gel, you dab directly onto the problematic area, 3-4 times a day. I like that I can have these on the back burner to try just in case needed.

Mary Greenwell: LEMON
With base notes of oakmoss, patchouli, tonka bean and amber, this perfume has a musky scent when this is initially sprayed, quite strong and taken a back by the initial spray, it settles down after a minute or two and there is a lemon lingering musk upon the skin. I'm not a fan of things that are a little musky but I can tolerate this, it's fresh and something I would more wear on a evening than daily.

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