Seed & Bean | Vegan Chocolate of Glastonbury 2013

I'm a vegetarian, didn't you know? O.k. most of you do. I'm classified as a bad vegetarian, I eat all that's wrong for me and little vegetables, hmm guess that's why I'm extra thick then. Never was a huge chocolate eater growing up, still not, I binge on it but certainly no chocoholic but it's always nice to be able to try something different and when it's vegetarian/vegan approved it makes me want to find out even more, is it better? Does it taste any differently?

With these, yes because of the mouth watering flavours, it's like a wine tasting session but you won't be spitting these out. This is my first time being introduced to Seed & Bean and I was introduced with the Glastonbury chocolate line up, these were introduced at Glastonbury this Summer.
With such flavours as Cornish Sea Salt & West Indies Lime, Sicilian Hazelnut Fine Dark Chocolate and Raspberry & Vanilla Creamy White Chocolate you have to wonder, what will your taste buds be experiencing. Now in all my excitement I nearly ripped these wrappers off as if I was Veruca Salt but I carefully peeled it open after doing the blog etiquette of taking images first, like I was Charlie and looking for the Golden Ticket.
seed and bean flavours cornish
Cornish Sea Salt & West Indies Lime
I asked my nan to be my guinea pig with me lol, mmm I'm a precious granddaughter. I took the first bite while she had her hand open waiting, I gave her a piece and we sat and 'hmmm, mmm, oooh!' you can really taste the lime which for me is a BONUS, I'm a citrus fiend at the end of chomping one piece the sea salt seeps through, only time I taste sea salt is if it accidentally gets in my mouth while washing my face or when I'm gargling a sore throat so purposely eating it was bizzare for me. With that one I couldn't sit and eat an entire bar in one seating, it's nice to eat here and there. The taste of the salt built up for me.
seed and bean creamy white chocolate
Raspberry & Vanilla Creamy White Chocolate
When I bite into this flavour, you get a quick reminder of Milky Way (if you have ever been a white chocolate fan) Continue to chew until it's more of less melted in the mouth, you then begin to get the raspberry pieces come through at the end. My nan and I both prefer this one over the Cornish Sea Salt & West Indies Lime.
Seed and bean fine dark chocolate
Sicilian Hazelnut Fine Dark Chocolate
This one is very rich, very and borders on bitter as the tasting goes on. I'm not an extreme fan of rich chocolate, the hazelnut is too fine for a nut lover as myself. This was my least favourite out of the three.

While on the website, the Hampers caught my eye, for the chocoholic in your life, who is all about being ethical, how cool are these, expensive yes but for a special occasion treat, it's A.

Ever tried Seed & Bean? Views on chocolate with different combinations?

There is no Golden Ticket within these packaging but there is a chance to taste something different in the Seed & Bean factory.
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