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Last month I visited The Painted Lady in London to get my hair done, a la festival style before heading onto Love Box. Unfortunately I don't have much images as I didn't bring my DSLR & my compact camera well, the shutter was broken which left it being very temperamental, upsetting and so unlike me to not be image loaded, looks like I will have to invest in another compact camera soon, sorry!

At the salon, they were using the new Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer*, so we could see for ourselves the Panasonic Nanoe in action on our hair. The sleek black & pink Nanoe is quite lightweight and the one thing I love about it is, it comes with a diffuser. Something that I find extremely helpful for my curls. You may have seen that I used this in my curl routine video here.
panasonic nanoe
The Product
It comes with three attachments, very different as all my dryers either have one or two attachments.
  • diffuser
  • condenser nozzle
  • quick dry nozzle
panasonic nanoe attachments
The cord is quite long 2.7 metres, good for me as I like to move about at times when drying my hair, my bum can get numb just sitting and doing my hair. 3 heat & speed settings. For me medium speed & heat gives me a quick dry without frizz. I'd like to do a blow out using the quick dry nozzle as it would be nice to see how it compares to the condenser nozzle but I am honestly crap with doing blow outs on myself using one of these

Ease of Use
Finding it easy to use, it looks elongated and heavy, especially once your putting varied attachments on. I didn't find this hard to blow dry my hair as it's light enough to pick up.

Overall Thoughts
I don't use heat often on my hair even when curly, I prefer to air dry, heat I find manipulates the curls but you can see in my curl video the diffuser did a good job keeping my curl pattern the same, it didn't suck out any moisture from my hair or make it feel crispy and static. The diffuser is large and different to others I've used, has a new look to it, medium thick teeth. When it was blown out at The Painted Lady, my hair was light weight and flowed. My hair stayed in the style for about 5 days. It's on the expensive end at just under £100 by a penny if I was a person to use a dryer a lot this is more value for money than others I have used due to the added attachments. You get more for your money.

How do you dry your hair?

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