Unless stated otherwise, everything on this blog is original content researched and created by me. Any 3rd party sourced images will be credited to the original source if available. If not the website I sourced the content from will be credited.
Almost all my images are shot with a Canon 600D with 50mm or standard 18-55mm kit lens. If you're to use my images for your website or any social media sites please link back to either @laalaamonroe or www.dolcevanity.com

Product Affiliation

Mentioned products within my writing will always be linked with the exact product or current equivalent (if a product has been discontinued). Whilst most written content may have affiliated links, you may also see advertisement skin and top, side banners and whilst these may also have products advertised please be aware they are not created by me unless otherwise stated in a post. Ad space bought by companies are available and will be nofollow links.

All my reviews are 100% honest and have been researched and thoroughly tested to give you an unbiased and real opinion. Payment and gifts will not be accepted to produce a favourable post or advertisement for a product that I have never used. Items that have been sent to me by a company will either be disclaimed at the bottom of the post or an asterisk (*) next to the item will signify samples.

Affiliate Linking

Some links are affiliated throughout the site. I earn a little commission through these links I will always link the exact product or something similar if possible. I feel I spend a lot of time (as fellow bloggers will understand) looking for products, taking images, researching and piecing together content so I feel that it's no shame that we make some coins!

Products Sent For Review

Products that are mentioned on here and/or my YouTube are a mixture of items that are either PR samples or I have purchased myself. All items that are gifted, sent or given to me for consideration, paid for with store credit or gift cards will be marked with a asterisk (*).
If you're looking to contact me for a review of hair & beauty, clothing, homeware, technology or food, please contact me at laalaa@dolcevanity.com with the information. Generally there will be a fee included if you would like to view my media kit & rate card please do ask.

Being a blogger but also a budding minimalist, I don't accept every offer I am presented with. I will only accept items that I am genuinely interested in and would consider buying. Otherwise my reviews would be half assed and boring but everything that is sent is not guaranteed a feature on the blog.

In this rare instance I will contact the company who send it and will present the position of not reviewing it at all or continue with my honest opinion. It's then at the company's discretion how they would like it to proceed. I'm never rude in my reviews, if it's a product that isn't good for me, I am honest and will give a true account of my experience, I wouldn't deter readers / viewers from trying the product themselves as my reviews are always only my own experience and it's up to them to decide what is best for them.

Sponsored Posts

If you wish to collaborate with me on a sponsored article, review, competition, interview or freelance for your site please do contact me with details and we can go from there although be aware :-
‣ I will not accept any pitches to mention, review, advertised or giveaway a product that it purely link based and will not compensate me in any way.
‣ I will not accept 3rd party written content, all content on this site must be written by me.
‣ The content must fit within my sites criteria.

I generally think how these collaborations can fit and be presented but if you have a specific way how the content needs to be presented please do let me know.
- 01/08/15 Media Kit is available upon request.


A general rate card is available upon request along with a separate media kit. You can contact me at laalaa@dolcevanity.com to discuss your needs. Again, same email address if would like me to write freelance for your site or include a sponsored or affiliated post on my blog or YouTube channel.

Rates can differ depending on the work being carried out. If you have a tailored request, rates can be discussed personally and on a case-by-case basis. Dependant upon the work carried out, rates will either be monetary & / or the acceptance of products to keep. I’m always flexible and open to discuss new ideas with you!

Turn Around Time

Often when I begin to work with companies, a timescale is often mentioned for their calender purposes. This is fine but of course as I take time to review products it's no guarantee that this product will be mentioned on my site. When it comes to various products I have my own timescale as to how long I prefer to use a product for routinely to get the best review. Of course, if this is an urgent requirement, this can be discussed and I will try my best to facilitate it within a stricter timeframe, just be sure to include IMPORTANT in the subject line of your email.

‣ Beauty
Being a makeup artist make-up is a huge part of what I do and where my blog started so a lot of my blog is taken up by make-up where possible. I don't wear make-up a lot on a daily basis but I like to get at least be able to swatch and test the products on myself. I like to try varied brands and colours. It'll take me around a couple weeks to get a make-up post up depending on current skin situation.

‣ Skincare
This is another chunk of my blog. This can take around 4-6 weeks max I like to see how my skin reacts during different times of the month and if there's any reactions and how my skin reacts long-term. I have oily - combination skin and suffer from hormonal spots and pigmentation.

‣ Hair
My hair is naturally curly (my curls vary 3b / 3c sometimes I can get 3a curls) but I do blow out my hair occasionally. I accept products for natural hair (afro-carribbean) for when my hair is curly it needs a lot more products. I like to see how my hair reacts over 3-4 washes, finding ways to get the product to work for me. If my hair is straight it doesn't need a lot mostly oils. I do accept hair if it fits.

‣ Fashion
I don't mind accepting clothing from brands if they fit my style. This will take a little longer to do as I like to see how clothes hold up after a wash and a good wear. Also taking the images and editing has to be taken into consideration.

‣ Lifestyle
I have and still do accept gadgets or homewear but they must fit into my lifestyle which can be active, gaming, music and home interiors. Depending on my current situations or what they are the turn around can vary. If this is a problem and you are working on a timescale please let me know prior.

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