Body Bling Original Review

FAKING IT! Faking what, well that Jennifer Lopez glow. Yes the JLo Glow, my love. I've had my eye on Scott Barnes Body Bling for a little while, you may of heard of him, he's the master behind that glow Jennifer is ever so known for + he's a celebrity make-up artist ahh yes that's where you've heard the name.

I've finally managed to catch sun, I made sure I had my SPF on, didn't stay in the sun during the hottest point of the day but sometimes, just sometimes you want to enhance that glow without any risks. Introducing Body Bling* (*pinging sounds*) so I'm a sucker for JLo if you know me well enough, it's a well known fact, I'm one of those sad people who will buy into anything she slaps her name on for a pay cheque, GUILTY. With that being said, I will try my best to get my JGlow on right now.

Body Bling lasts until it's washed off but you'll need to wash the hands after application but the comparison in skin glow was lovely, I couldn't capture the glistening well with the sun - camera just wasn't happening. Cult Beauty offer this little gem and not only does it do it in a 30ml for £7.50 you can get the full sized one too (£27), my best bet is to go with the smaller version to see how you get on. They also offer Body Bling Platinum which are for the blondes, has a more cool, champagne tone - Watch Scott Barnes demonstrate application.

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Last year me and Annie started a project TFWOC with other bloggers which was all about Tans for Women of Colour, we tried various tans out to see could they also work with WOC. Being able to find various tans for that was interesting and exposed us to some brands. One of them that I took a liking too was Abi O BeauBronz*, read the full review here but if you want a tan that will make you glisten and it's temporary until it's washed off which can suit a lot of us, who don't like the whole process of a tan fading..urgh.

Prtty Peaushun, another celebrity love, read my original review another thing I will constantly repurchase for that glow. As much as I wish I was more bronzed and healthy glowing, that once in a while change that doesn't last can be a fun treat. Another product that isn't pictured but is still worth a go is MÁDARA flower dust shimmering body lotion, I had the opportunity to try this a couple of years ago, now if your more of a person who likes to just have a slight shimmer when the sun catches, it's a good alternative, I chose this due to the fact it's animal cruelty free, vegan, nut & gluten free & Natural & Organic ECOCERT. A bit on the pricey side at £22.00 but hey, isn't that just organic.

*pr sample.
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