IMAN Cosmetics, first came across this cos of mama Laa, she used IMAN a lot, only place that stocked it in country land was Debenhams then of course it filtered out until only Fashion Fair was left and stockists for IMAN shortened to just a few online stores. I got my nan to review this BB Crème*, why, pray tell!? Cos they didn't have my shade available and she has NEVER worn make-up besides lipstick here and there in her life. Perfect person to tell + it gives the aspect on mature skin, if this BB Crème lives up to whatever it claims.

This is IMAN cosmetics first multifunctional skincre product, it's a skin tone evener BB Crème SPF 15, ideal for tan, olive and brown complexions. Combinations of high-tech and natural ingredients are sure to brighten, hydrate and protect skin, add a sheer veil of colour and give long-term anti-aging benefits. Here's the BB Crème's benefits:
  • Evens complexion and minimises appearance of imperfections
  • Protects with SPF 15 and natural antioxidants
  • Hydrates & soothes skin - paraben free forumla
  • Brightens and fights hyperpigmentation
  • Compliments skin of colour with a natural hint of pigment
Vitamin C and licorice root extract brighten complexion and help hyperpigmentation from under the skin surface. Grape seed Oil, Acai & Vitamin A help the fight against lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil & Aloe hydrates & heals.
nans cheeky cheek
She didn't want her whole face on the internet, bless. I just snapped the side of her face to show you how the BB Crème is basically flawless on her skin, nothing is caked. I applied this about 9 am using my fingers before she went off to church.
To point out she has mature skin that is just normal, skintone isn't an even one appears darker in the centre, doesn't have much wrinkles, only at the side of the mouth (smile lines)

I asked her a few questions throughout the day & she answered being the straight to the point woman she is :

How did the application feel?
Felt a bit thicker than a moisturiser. When you applied it it didn't feel weird, went on smoothly.

Now it's on the face, how light - heavy is it?
Feels okay. Definitely light.

Do you notice much of a difference in your skintone?
Has evened out the majority of my skin. Gives a nice glow to the face, I wouldn't call it oily.

*It's about 2pm and she's home from church*

Hold up well, during the 5 hours?
A few people commented that my skin looked glowy but that seemed to wear off, looked to of settled into the skin within a few hours.

*approx 6pm // she had actually forgot that it's on*

How has the crème felt during the day?
I've not noticed it at all. My skin still looks the same. Skin doesn't feel dry, just normal and moisturised!

Being that she's gone so long without make-up, she's very fuss free and isn't exactly a person who bothers with anything past her skincare routine. She would wear it cos it's there but she wouldn't purchase it just because it's not her thing. Fair enough. Didn't make a drastic change to her but it's a nice change.

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What's your view on IMAN Cosmetics, have you tried the brand?

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  1. Anonymous8/11/2013

    I tried a sample of the BB cream, and I quite like it :) First time using an IMAN product :)

    Serenity of Beauty

    1. Yeah my mum has one now too, she likes it also. It's a shame I didn't get it in my skin tone :( xo

  2. wow it looks cool :D

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  3. This is a refreshing post.

    *waves to Nana Monroe*

    Her skin looks incredible. Folks that hardly wear make up can usually feel the make up on their face so this is definitely a winner!


  4. I love the ingredients in this product - and it's good to know that it goes on smoothly and doesn't cake at all. Thanks for sharing Laa x Donah

  5. I love that she tried it out and you "interviewed" her xx


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