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Dr Lewinns skincare
Skincare is important to me, probably that much more than make-up *gasps* just because when your skin is looking good to you, you feel confident. Body hang ups are difficult and problematic skin doesn't help. Getting my skin in order is important and as much as I don't try to mess with my face washes as that's where I tend to find most my breakouts can occur from. This year I've tried Dr. Lewinn's skincare range, one product I've had my eye on for a few years was the Even Tone Lightening Cream. I documented previously my hyperpigmentation struggle and it still occurs and honestly, creams targeted towards pigmentation is the only cream I use now, anytime I'm breaking out it's something that is unfortunately unavoidable therefore if I'm already tackling the problem it's not as bad. Let me give you a quick run down on the three products that I've had in my arsenal.

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Instant Beauty Radiance Booster 1.8 wt.oz e £26.00
The scent on this is soft, fresh & soapy. Nice a light with 70% aloe vera in the ingredients for me that adds a good deal of soothing to the skin. I use this as a base sometimes for my make-up over my moisturiser or just on top of if my skin is looking a little dull. I get an even soft touch on my face that gives me a nice boost. I have mildly oily skin but this has been said it's good for dry patches by smoothing them out. I squeeze out about the size of a 10 pence coin and spread it out from the centre outwards and also my neck. The key ingredients in this tube are : Aloe Vera Leaf Juice soothes and moisturises. Rice Bran Oil soothes, smoothes and adds instant luster to the skin. Olive Fruit Oil intensely hydrates. Olive Leaf Extract provides anti-oxidant protection. Algae Extract tones and firms. Witch Hazel Extract clarifies and tones. Bisabolol soothes and calms.

Skin Renewal Overnight Exfoliator 1.8wt.oz.e £36.00
I use this in rotation with another brands glycolic skin peel that I use every other day, so on my break days I apply this but not all week 2 - 3x tops as come the weekend it's facial time. I put a good amount of this on my skin from my neck upwards. I experience no tingling with this as it says that a tingling sensation is normal, I felt strange that it didn't occur(?) but in a way grateful, sometimes that tingling feeling just puts me off, I use this to tackle that pigmentation especially after spots have occurred I'm reaching for this during that week and I'm loving at how it's helped reduce it, wearing it at night so my skin is repairing itself whilst I sleep.

Extracts of Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple gently resurface and exfoliate. Orange and Lemon Fruit Extract resurface exfoliate and purify. Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract rejuvenates and tones. Meadowsweet Flower Extract clarifies the skin. Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract soothes and calms with Anti-oxidant protection. Witch Hazel clarifies and tones. Vitamin A rejuvenates and normalises.

Even Tone Lightening Cream 2.0wt.oz.e £31.00
Onto what's been my skin cream for the past month & a bit but a little warning it does smell and it's the Sabiwhite that comes from the Turmeric, just a lot of spice stench if I'm honest. After being taken back by the smell and applied, this cream is a brown tinted colour, doesn't change my skin colour, blends and absorbs nicely. The smell I can't detect after it's on my face but I would prefer if the stench wasn't so strong. Really the proof is in the pudding, I've been using this in the company of the Skin Renewal for over a month or so and I'm loving how my skin looks even more so I've noticed that this routine has tackled the pigmentation before it becomes such a problem. The fix is better than the cure, works quicker than having to cry when I've got a big mark on my face here & there.

Sabiwhite™ (derived from Turmeric) evens out skin tone and soothes. A free radical scavenger with powerful anti-oxidant properties. Rumex Crispus Extract evens out skin tone. Vitamin A rejuvenates and normalises.(Niacinamide) Vitamin B3 evens skin tone and smoothes fine lines.

Not only is the cult Dr. Lewinn's nail strengthener been my saviour for my nails (which has to be done again as one snapped and I cut them all down, another story) the skincare range is a beaut. I might hold back on using it as a regular routine and put it in rotation with other creams only cos I don't want my skin to rebel and all of a sudden reject it, believe me I know it. Yet it's not happened but I do often wonder if there is a possibility to over-use pigmentation creams?

Let me know if you've tried the Dr. Lewinn's brand? I peep they even do make-up!

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