Lila 'lli Lip Collision in Audrey & Lila

lila 'lli lila
Lila 'lli lip collision are a combination of lipstick and lip gloss, highly pigmented lipstick and a creamy lip gloss. I love that it's a 2 in 1, I have the choice whether I want to use either or both.

lila 'lli
lila 'lli audrey__

The lipstick texture in itself is far from dry and glides easily over my lips leaving a trace of high colour but once paired with the lip gloss, it enhances the lipstick giving a suitable gloss, not sticky or goopy. I'm wearing Lila in the top image and Audrey in the bottom image.

I noticed paired with the pencils that are ideal for lips, eyes or brows the lipstick lasts a little longer, the wear time can stretch just a bit more I normally apply my liner, apply a layer of lipstick, blot, sometimes dab some powder on the lips and re-apply the lipstick 1-2x then pair with the lip gloss. I can get a few hours wear out of lipstick that way. Big tests cos I'm forever drinking, eating or yapping.

The packaging of these are made of plastic and are small and perfect for your make-up bag, I did notice that one of my lip collisions tubes are snapped on the lip gloss side, so it would freak me out if I was to accidentally drop this on the floor indoors or out. The logo unfortunately once handled a few times and given the heat from the hands has started to wear off, not a good sign but these minor things can be adjusted and doesn't affect the lip collision in itself.

I'm down, I'd definitely purchase from them as I've seen some other colours and bits that I like from the brand I'm willing to try. No information on prices but it'll be cool to see how they compare to my favourite brands.

Edit: Just been informed that these are set at £16 each. A bit steep in my opinion I do, like these but not sure I could justify paying the price for it.

Do you like the look of Lila 'lli Lip Collision?

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