Magnifibres - Brush on False Lashes!

There's a lot of women who find the application of false lashes tricky. Others just don't like the feel or look. Magnifibres is a new product that claims to give us longer lashes by 5mm and we can use our favourite mascara.


A sleek white tube with the logo on the front, gives it a retro 60's feel to the tube. I quite like that it's white, sets it apart in the mascara pot, easy to spot. With a thin brush that's easy to work from the roots to the tips of the lashes when applying.

Ease of Use:
Having never put fibres near my eyes before, there was a slight apprehension. Would it get in my eye, would it irritate me and so forth. When I did put it onto my lashes there was no discomfort, besides when I blinked it attached some to my bottom lashes so I decided for my other eye to do my bottom mascara after I've done with fibre steps. The waiting isn't long, just really make sure it's dried onto the lashes as it stops them then getting a majority of fibres onto your mascara wand.

Overall Thoughts:
It's a good concept and I know fibre lashes have been around for a few years now, depending on the brands it can cost you more than your favourite mascara but unlike some you can use your own mascara. Then again it's always nice to be able to chose whether or not you want to use your own or one provided. Preference. This is the first fibre lash I've tried and what I do like about it, is that the lash effect looked thicker and more fanned out. I was scared I might end up with clumpy spider legs but I was happy with the results. Length wise did it make a difference, not a huge difference to mine in length but the tips of my lashes could touch my eyebrows, when I opened them wide, if that's anything to go by.

Let me know, have you tried Magnifibres or any fibre effects? Interested? Let me know in the comments!

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