Quick Fix Facials Review

You've seen before that I enjoy at home facials weekly, yeah this girl likes to treat her skin and give myself work at the same time, ha! So when I was offered the opportunity to try Quick Fix Facials*, I thought yeah I'd like to try and sweetly enough I was sent the entire range to try out. Now word of warning I have only tried 3 of 5 because these are aimed at your skincare problems and two of them I couldn't try due to the fact, well at the current time I don't have that problematic skin.

Brightening Peel Mask
It's no secret that I like peel masks, call me weird but I just enjoy sitting there and peeling it all off while watching t.v. and feeling the skin underneath. The benefits of these type of masks are the removal of dead skin cells, causing the skin to look dull & uneven which nobody wants. Use a clay mask to strip your face of these problems, so I've used a few from other brands and loved the results and each time those masks set me back a pretty penny, £22 for a peel mask - girl, it's a luxury in this recession. The key ingredients are Papaya Extract – helps promote cell turnover creating healthy and glowing skin. Mulberry Extract – contains skin brightening elements to help even out skin tone and Goji Berry Extract – known to stimulate and energize skin to help boost radiance. So I've used this a few times when the skin looks like it's lacking life and hmm, I'm not 100% sold, maybe cos of the other others I'm use too, my face wasn't as bright as I had hoped, the skin was mediocre smooth but as always I enjoyed that peeling.

Anti-Blemish Mud Mask
Mud masks are definitely one of the most common & loved masks on the market, known for their properties for detoxing your skins impurities and drying -can't move my face- action. These masks are definitely great for the oily and acne prone and I'm a keen mud / clay mask user. I apply a thin layer of this over my face I wouldn't say there is much of a smell to this, it's not a mud or clay scent, not sure the key ingredients here are Dead Sea Mud – helps absorb and control oil production. Salicylic Acid – helps draw out impurities and tighten the pores and Tea Tree Oil – helps to treat spots and prevent future blemishes but it has other great ingredients within this such as Grape Seed Oil & Grapefruit peel oil but it also has a fragrance within it, so I'm not sure how good this would be for those with sensitive skin to fragrant products. It takes a while for it to dry, I notice the under layer getting drier and some parts of my face a bit darker with spots on my visible pores (ew!) where it's sucked out the gunk. I'd buy this again, I'm a fan of mud masks and cos I've noticed it cleaning up the skin, it's a keeper.
- Use weekly or twice a week if your skin is greasy.

Exfoliating Scrub Mask
This reminds me of an oat mask for some reason, must be the thicker texture about it. So once the skin is damp use this and scrub about, massaging it especially where you gain the most problems with blackheads and blocked pores, now for the first time ever in my skin history I've started getting blackheads on my nose, (ew! - again) so I was thankful to get this to try it out, what on earth even causes blackheads (Google) - Well I have been wearing make-up a lot more recently but anyway are you still with me? Thankfully for my magnifying mirror, I've been able to tell if these blackheads are moving in more family members or disappearing, so there not that large and visible to the human eye but grab that mirror! I tried this about 3x a week lol massaging a great deal on my nose and the forehead for the heck of it and leaving it on the skin for about 5 minutes on the other 2x and then a full 10 minutes on one day excessive I know but these blackheads are like a plague to me with properties such as Pink Rose Clay – helps to deep cleanse and decongest the skin. Glycolic Acid – extremely effective at balancing out uneven skin tone and Pomegranate extract – packed with incredible antioxidant and anti-aging properties to encourage radiant skin to help the skin get deeply clear. Thankfully I noticed that my blackheads were moving out. I did give my face a break from make-up during this period of time, so maybe Google was correct (I always banish make-up when I'm having problematic skin) so yes this one gets a thumbs up for me, the break from the make-up and the combination of the scrubbing may of helped.

I like that they don't break the bank, it's a shame the peeling mask wasn't a A+ for me so looks like I will continue to shell out the pretty pennies for that but I've found a few others that work well enough but I will definitely see over time how these hold up and maybe you'll see them in future posts if they work out well enough in the future.

Have you tried Quick Fix Facials?

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