Justin Bieber The Key Eau de Parfum

I'm not a " Belieber but I am when it comes to this perfume. I'm pretty easy going with fragrance scents, if it smells fresh, floral, woody or citrus I'm down and you know what, this one hasn't disappointed me! *whispers* I've even got compliments and asked what scent am I wearing!

This is Justin Bieber's third fragrance after Girlfriend & Someday, I wouldn't just hold this aside for a Belieber I'd appreciate this as a gift and I'm not even a fan! He says about the inspiration for his new fragrance
“My fans mean everything to me and, whether it’s through music or fragrance, I always want to find new and different ways to connect with them. My fragrances are my way of sending out a positive message, reminding those who support me how much I love them. THE KEY means a lot to me, it’s a symbol that started with my team, reminding us to “believe”, and it’s evolved into a part of my tour. I’m really excited about this new fragrance since I get the chance to share this key with all my fans. THE KEY not only unlocks the possibilities of their dreams, but it will unlock a personal side of me they’ve never seen before- bringing us closer than ever”

– Justin Bieber

With its sleek white and gold design, alongside a dark purple shade surrounding the nozzle its a beautiful addition to a dresser. Notice the key hanging off? That can be added as a key charm. I've preferred to keep mine on.

I have worn this everyday since receiving it, by Christmas, I'll need a top-up at this rate. It has a vanilla musky smell, very clean & fresh. So no wonder I adore this scent so much with notes that include:

Top Notes: Juicy mandarin, crisp pear, boysenberry and sweet osmanthus blossoms

Mid Notes: Pink jasmine, water lily and peach nectar

Base Notes: Luminous musks, precious woods and vanilla, with just a touch of raspberry cream

*pr sample
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  1. Is it scary that I like the packaging for this??

    Am I a sellout??

    1. It's so sleek and grown-up. It fits in so well with my other perfumes, I'm so down for he Bieber right now -we're both in that boat!

    2. Sssshhhhh don't say that so loud!!!

      Someone might hear you

  2. Was not expecting this. Love the packaging and the way you shot this!

    Wasn't this the same guy who was caught on film spitting on his fans? SMH.

    1. Thank you honey! Today, I'm getting into the car and my mum says 'wow, you smell good, what is that?' I said oh that Bieber perfume and she was shocked, she likes it lol.

      Mmmhmm bad taste, boy is real disrespectful for that one!

  3. I actually really like the look of this


  4. I am in love with the packaging! The key does it all for me haha...


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