I wanted to set myself another challenge, I've got a 30 day yoga challenge soon to begin on my fitness blog tomorrow also, now I'm wondering am I biting off more than I can chew, 30 lipsticks in 30 days, o.k. it's very possible, I know it is. Plus sometimes lipsticks become unloved and unfortunately stuck deep in the drawers or purchased and then never used, I do it a lot. Hmm, so let me see if I can for 30 days give 30 different lipstick some TLC. What do you think to #ProjectLipstick30?
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  1. I honestly don't think I'd be able to dig out 30 lipsticks haha fair play to you then!:) Excited to see all the pictures! x

    1. Oh it's going to be hard to find 30 lipsticks to chose from but let's hope I can haha xo

  2. That is a very good idea, that way the lipstick will be loved and cared for? I dot have 30 lipsticks but I sure can find 7 for a week. I shud try it as well

    Naaj x

    1. Oh do, I'd love to have more share their love of their lipsticks :) be fun xo

  3. This looks like an awesome idea but I don't have that many lipsticks! (I have 18)
    Good luck with your fitness goals, love the blog! x

  4. Anonymous31/8/13

    That's such a good idea! I don't have 30 but i could do 14 day challenge!

  5. Good luck! I tried to do 28 for February and lasted about 7 days! Haha. Can't wait to see the lippies you pick though :)

    Love Zoe x

  6. This should be interesting! I've been thinking of doing this as well since seeing Annie's posts, but I honesty don't even think I have 30 lipsticks LOL. If I do it, i'll probably have to include lipglosses towards the end too. This sounds so fun!

  7. oh great idea hun!!! can wait to see your picks!! you have such a great taste and your pictures are always amazing! so it’s going to be great :D

  8. Great Idea! If I had the courage I'd do cause new lippies is what is always there!