30 Journal Prompts for Self-Love & Confidence

Spiritual wellness is best described as finding your life’s meaning and purpose, understanding the values, beliefs, and morals that guide your actions.

Self love journals are the perfect way to start building up your self esteem and confidence. Focusing on my self worth has been tough, but it's rewarding in its own way it's also become an effective way to manage my mental health. Having high self esteem improves your moods, depression and anxiety. I'd at least suggest everyone to try a self love journal at least once to see if it's beneficial.

Something bigger is on the way..
This affirmation is a wonderful reminder to stay positive about the future and align yourself with good things to come. Remembering that this or something better is coming to you is a wonderful way to approach life. It’s always expecting great things to happen and allows you to be delightfully surprised when great things come your way.

What is Spiritual Wellness?

One Spiritual Wellness definition is; Having a relationship with yourself, your heart, and your soul (essence of your being and life purpose).


What Am I Grateful for About Myself?
What’s the Last Compliment Someone Paid You?
What Am I Proud of Myself for?
Write 12 Positive Affirmations to Yourself.
List 3 Physical Features You Love About Yourself.
What Are My Talents?
What Do I Love About My Personality?
What Do I Love About My Body?
What Do I Love About My Mind?
What’s Something That I’m Really Good at?
What Flaw Will You Work on This Year?
How Have You Shown Courage Recently?
Why Do You Get Down on Yourself?
If Someone in Your Past Wrecked Your Self-confidence, What Would You Say to Them Now?
What Would I Do Today if I Loved Myself?
What Do I Imagine/believe Self-love Feels Like?
How Can I Support Myself Today?
What Makes Me Happy?
If I Loved Myself, What Would I Do Every Day?
What Beliefs About Yourself Limit Your Potential?
How Do I Treat People That I Love? How Can I Treat Myself the Same?
About What Are You Most Insecure?
List 10 Things You Love About Your Life Right Now.
How Would You Describe Yourself to Someone Who Has Never Met You?
Why Do You Think Your Best Friend Is Friends With You?
What Boundaries Do I Need to Set for Myself?
What Do You Need to Leave in the Past?
Who Builds You Up the Most and What Do They Say to You?
Write a Letter of Forgiveness to Yourself.
Write a List of 10 Things You Want to Remember During Difficult Times. (Use This Later if You’re Feeling Down).

Is there anything you do that increases your intellectual wellness?
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  1. I created a list a while back of things I loved about myself and I found putting it down made me feel happier and prouder of myself so taking some time to think about yourself can be really beneficial x

  2. These prompts are really good starting points. Thank you so much for sharing.