The One Product You’ll Need for That All Over Glow!

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One thing everyone knows about me is – I love a GLOW!! Doesn’t have to be just in Summer, faking it to, well just fake it in A/W is fine by me but as soon as Summer comes along. That tan best be happening and the one added extra that is bonus – when you’ve got a nice sun hitting glow just radiating from the skin but how do I achieve that?

That’so Glowy Gold is a dry shimmering oil, that can be used for both skin & hair. It’s a moisturising dry oil that gives an illuminating appearance to the skin with a shimmer effect. It really gives tanned skin a nice sublime rebalances, although you can tan, sometimes the skin can look – meh, it needs a little more.

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Texture, it’s extremely light and as it’s a dry oil it won’t leave a greasy residue on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about being sticky. It has a scent of jasmine and amber, perfect for these summer day & nights.

You can see in the above image, on the left there's no product on my hand but there is on the right to the image. If you look behind where it's blurred out I only applied it to the one side of my body and not the other. You can see how much difference it makes in colour.

It’s rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, antioxidants such as Hemp Oil that will help to nourish and soften the skin with its natural anti-aging properties. Rice Oil is an emollient and has restorative properties as it’s rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it’s powerfully hydrating. Then we have the golden powder that gives the illuminating, shimmer and brightness to be envied.

Pretty straight forward to use, shake well to make sure the golden powder is dispersed throughout the bottle, it’s a pump bottle so you can put it into your palm and with circular motions massage it wherever you’d like it to be seen. I’d go for where the sun naturally hits, think highlighting. Top of your shoulders, alongside your arms, shins of your leg, décolletage to get the most out of this shine. – Wash your hands afterwards. If you want to use it on your hair, I rub it in my hands and kind of comb it through with my fingers and palms.
Is this something that you'll want to try more than bottled fake tan?
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  1. Ohh now this sounds like a must have product, I have to admit I am all for having a bit of a glow I'm going to have to try it out.

  2. This looks like an amazing product. I would love an all over glow, especially starting to venture out after covid restrictions.

  3. Oh that's gorgeous, I love the colour and the shimmer! Perfect for summer - my skin would love that.

  4. That glow oil looks really nice on your skin. I've never tanned at home myself as I just don't have the patience for it but it does make the skin look so nice x

  5. Jess Howliston20/6/21

    Oh wow what a great glow that has given you! I love that it is light and non greasy too, nothing worse than applying a product that leaves you feeling greasy all day! x

  6. I definitely want to give this a try! I love that it is light and that it doesn't leave a residue.