6 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence That You Need to Know!

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Sexual confidence isn’t easy to come by, it’s a trust process with yourself. Once you know your worth, abilities and what you’re bringing – it’s the key to feeling empowered and sexually confident. Although these can be shattered if you’ve suffered a traumatic break up, experienced something painful or maybe just a bit out of practice – lockdown has no doubt done that to plenty of us. I’ve been in such a rut, you know when you don’t feel attractive, haven’t a clue what to do with yourself but you want to be feeling yourself and more!

6 ways to boost sexual confidence post lockdown.

1. Ignore the negative thoughts
We can be our own worst enemy and confidence starts with us first and foremost. Those negative thoughts, we need to be blunt and tell them to fuck off! Look at it in this scenario, if your friend came to you and said that their partner was being negative towards them – what would you say? Exactly! Give ourselves positive affirmations to say daily as we look at ourselves in the mirror.

2. Dating website
It’s been proven that dating websites can help our self-esteem, pros & cons with everything but let’s focus on the pros, sometimes having a few admirers and flirting can make you feel amazing sexually. Flirting alone boosts confidence and improves relationships, women use dating apps to feel better about themselves more than men do. Be in control of this situation and don't be burnt out by communicating with too many guys!

3. Know what gives you pleasure
This is super important because how can you expect to be happy and confident unless you know what brings you pleasure. It could be anything from having your hair stroked, to being lavished with gifts and compliments. Diving deeper, there are people who have certain fetishes that might not be for all and need their own safe place such as subsanddoms and mybdsmhookups. Did you know looking for hookups was the second popular reason the millennials were on dating apps! As long as you know what you want – be open and safe. USE A CONDOM!

4. Communicate
Following on from no.3 – communication is 100% key. Be open with your wants, desires and needs. Where your boundaries lie and don’t feel bad for telling someone NO! You need to feel confident in yourself and what you know you deserve. Let your partner know that you like when they do certain actions. The ability to speak on these desires and the ability to listen is an attractive quality.

5. Learn from the past
Each new relationship, offers a promising beginning – right? Which means the chance to do things differently and better than before, this is the perfect time to look back and see where the red flags arose and what you can now do, to avoid those.

6. Know your worth & love yourself!
Have your own back! You’re with yourself 24/7 why shouldn’t you be your biggest cheerleader? Know that you’re amazing and have all these great qualities happening within yourself. Once you know that you don’t settle for less and you deserve more, give it to yourself – you’ll never regret it. Get a journal and jot down some of your thoughts, wants, desires, manifestate - even write some positive affirmations and a list about all your positive qualities! Burn your favourite candle, run a bubble bath, relax - do a little self-care whatever makes you feel amazing.

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