[AD] 3 Ways to Earn Money in your Spare Time


why you should have a side hustle

Any side hustle can provide extra income and more control over your work but can be a lot more flexible for when and where you chose to work. You can set your hours and pretty much work from anywhere you’d like – providing the Wi-Fi connection is a good one if you need it.

Making extra money in your spare time can give you so much freedom over your schedule and an extra boost of income each month. Side hustling can help you to dip your toes into this new venture, encourage you to do research and set the foundation for building your business on your terms. Side hustling covers a wide range of activities that you can look into and of course, make money from. You'll need to tap into some form of demand and market yourself effectively. For example, you could be in manager in finances but have always been curious about graphic design, you could begin by freelancing by offering to design & create logos, branding or websites for small businesses. Side hustles can even replace your main source of income, it gives you a chance to try something that you've always wanted to do & if it's profitable you can see if over time it's worth quitting your job. So how to make money in your spare time from home? Let me give you a few ideas.

Graphic Design Freelancer

If you’re good with photo and design software such as Adobe, you could design logos, flyers, packaging, business cards and another thing that is popular – downloadable templates such as Pinterest, Instagram stories highlight covers, cover photos. You could make an inspirational quote poster, those are popular too! I like having inspirational quote postcards around. It’s pretty endless on what you can design.

I use to re-design my layout so frequently, it was something you guys knew me for, I loved using different fonts and colour combinations & it was fun to just be creative, share my ideas with the world. To get you started you can download free fonts for commercial use. You can set up an online store or use your social media to advertise for your services. Do a few mock-ups so that the client can see your design style.

Personalised Gifts

There's nothing more thoughtful & caring than a personalised gift, personalised gifts show the recipient that the sender was thinking about them. There are a lot of items you can personalise such as mugs, journals, mason jars, framed text & if you're good at sewing, try personalising baby blankets or toys. Those always look so beautiful and something they can keep forever as a keepsake.

Etsy is a brilliant place to open up an online shop, where you can also design your shop to showcase more of your talents. I found this post 75 Most Profitable Crafts to Sell to Make Money - has amazing ideas (how cute is that confetti vanity tray?)

Most Profitable Beauty Crafts

Giving bath bombs as a gift is not only a safe go-to for many but it's also very easy to make, the materials are inexpensive and once you find your combination of scented essential oils and maybe dried petals - it's a winner. Offering your customers personalised boxes, tissue paper, you could have your logo or whatever slogan/words the customer may like.

I remember some years back, I had made my DIY face mask, those can be an idea for your business. Customise the jars could be fun, maybe even purchasing a circuit joy, anything you design with your fonts - print it out and stick it on. Another idea - handmade soaps, another inexpensive material costing and minimal time but you can become very creative with your designs, scents, techniques and herbs. It's endless!

Is there any side hustles that you can think of?
Do you currently have a side hustle?
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  1. I sell on People Per Hour and Fiverr. There are so many side hustles from cleaning, dog sitting, house sitting and anything you can do in the digital space

  2. Some great side hustle ideas. I do freelance writing, proofreading and surveys to make my extra income.