Lisa Shepherd Salon Experience

Lisa Shepherd Salon* 

I've been heavily complaining about my hair from months now. Knowing it needed some professional TLC and having missed previous opportunities to visit the Lisa Shepherd salon an appointment was made for me to be treated by the salon director Jason Cocking who with 15 years experience with celebrity clientèle. I felt more than safe in his hands.

Upon reaching the salon nearly 30 minutes early for my 11am appointment, I was greeted at reception and taken through to the waiting area, where it's all self service, cold or hot drinks. You can even browse the internet with their iPads and Mac book station area. I was automatically at ease.

I asked for a cut and colour but I knew that I would need a consultation and with dying it back dark in October what I wanted might not of been possible on that day.

Jason come over and introduced himself and asked what I was looking to do, so I showed him examples and explained how my hair was before. He was quite amazed how I had managed to get my hair so blonde from black lol.

My hair was shampooed with and conditioned with Kersatase Shampoos and Kersatase Lait Cristal Conditioner, after that the Kerastate Elixir Ultime Oil Treatment was used in my hair, it's great for all hair types and once my hair was wrapped in it's turban I was left for 15 minutes before that was rinsed out.

Jason showed me where my hair length was and it was armpit level, there was a lot of inches took off as the split ends were travelling up fast, so Jason gave me a softer more voluminous bob layers going through the hair with a swooping side fringe.

Automatically it looked healthier, felt lighter and soft.

Jason recommended that I don't colour my hair at all until May! I explained to him that I had lost all my curls and I had a feeling it was to do with over 12 years of straightening and he said to me it might not of been the straightening as much as the colouring as it takes a lot of the conditioning from the hair. He suggested during the winter months to just keep doing a lot of treatments and to just keep up with my haircuts and if I still want my colour to come back in May and he'll do that for me, so that's the plan. I asked what treatments he thinks would be best and he told me to use the Kerastase one he used on my hair.

As you may of read, I wanted to get my hair treated so I could really begin to look after my hair better and get it to my target hair length which I'm hoping for is bra strap length curly so there's a way to go but this is my first step.

Since washing my hair since, okay it's quite short, it's like a halo around my ears but when dried as my hair is curly now from root to tip. I'm loving that the curls are there.

I was also given a little goody bag, with a GHD dressing brush, GHD curl spray and Batiste Dry Shampoo, which I didn't expect and was a nice little touch.

I highly recommend the Lisa Shepherd salon and no, I wasn't bribed to say this lol. Truly their staff are attentive and sweet. It's so comfortable in there, you just don't want to leave. Amazingly too, it doesn't even smell like a hair salon to me.
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  1. Awesome experience, I love the look of the salon and its nice that they have hot and cold drinks you can help yourself too as well as the about somewhere to hang about all day! LOL
    Your hair looks lovely, I know since I saw you that day too! I need to save my pennies and go there!
    I cant wait to see what its like when you go back for the colour in May! xx

  2. I've heard and seen so many good reviews about this salon, I think after Christmas I will have to pay it a visit. Glad to read about the colouring, I think that's what has killed my curls too, I'll look out for that treatment too, bleach and dip dye has killed my hair. By the way your hair look fab xxx

  3. Anonymous3/12/12

    I would look to go to her Salon she literally is the Daddy of hairdresser :) You are one very very lucky girl :)!


  4. Sounds like a great experience, u look lovely hun!

  5. I really like it :) not to mention you are glowing and I have serious brow envy! xxx

  6. I would love to try them out but honestly I'm not looking to do another hair cut after my last stylist chopped off to much for my pixie cut (thank the hair gods for extensions) but in May when I need to get everything recut, I might try this salon out