Bio Sculpture Gel Is the Vibe for Your Natural Nails...but Why?

In April, I decided that I wanted to get bio sculpture gel extensions. I began searching on Instagram and came across a local nail technician. I had an idea in mind for a nail design but I was informed that she no longer does extensions and due to the pandemic more women have decided to go natural. D.I.Y content was wild and searches saw people searching "how to give yourself a manicure", "how to buff, file, shape and shine". calmed, places reopened but many of us noticed naturally beautiful nails.

The last time I had nail extensions was around 2014, in my YA-hood it was something I got done quite often but then I gave myself a challenge on my blog to grow my own nails and that was that.
This One Product Helped Grow My Nails

I don't have problems growing my nails the problem is keeping them strong and retained. During the first lockdown, my nails grew the longest they had in years, when I went back to work, wearing gloves & the drawers from hell, where I'd have to wedge my fingers into the opening to pry it. Cue the breakage. Now that we've parted ways, what better time than now to treat & grow them.

What is Bio Sculpture gel

It offers long-lasting colour that also helps to condition, strengthen and promote the growth of nails due to it's specialised formula. It is applied to the natural nail, tip or gel extension. Does bio sculpture damage nails? Bio Sculpture doesn't use nail preparation that dries out the nail bed and it's free from harmful chemicals like camphor, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin.

Why choose bio sculpture gel?

Previously, I've had gel polish with the recommended removal method, nails would be left soft and brittle. After seeing reels/videos on the brand, I wanted to try bio sculpture. The nail tech I found on Instagram @gotlashedandnailedit was no longer offering the service but asked me about Bio Sculpture on my natural nails. I expressed my past feelings on gels then I learnt that bio sculpture is more effective to grow healthier nails. It reminds me of hair as healthier hair is better than long hair. I instantly loved how she took her time to communicate and inform me about the products, it was more about getting the most from my nails than just giving a service! I could tell the passion and belief she had for this nail treatment. I sent her an image of my nails as I thought, I'm not going to get the most out of these stubs. My appointment was a couple days before my birthday and we went for the coloured French tip (which has since become such a favourite of mine). The image to the right, is my first visit and the first image is my 4th visit. I think the images speak for themselves. I usually always have square nails but decided to go for an oval shape on my 3rd visit and I'm so happy, it's the little things right? I get my nails redone every 3-weeks, they can last the recommended 4-weeks. I soak them off myself the night before with pure acetone takes about 15-20mins, the results, no softness or brittleness to my natural nails.

These two images are the 2nd and 3rd set I got and when I changed the nail shape. I think it's fun to just play around with the designs, as you can see I do love my pinks but I'm thinking to go for a classic red French tip next time before my new job 💅but let's see as Pinterest always has me pining to my nail design folder. If you're local to Luton, I'd 100% recommend Got Lashed and Nailed It, she works from the comfort of her home and she's such a laugh, I enjoy visiting her. It's as though you're just chilling and chatting with a friend! I'd definitely say if you're looking to treat and grow your nails, Bio Sculpture Gel is the way to go!
- Image credit to Got Lashed and Nailed It

How do you care for your natural nails?
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  1. I love your nails, I have just started doing my own nails at home with the gel nail varnishes and lamp and loving it. Not tried bio sculpture before

    1. Thanks hun. I do own my own gel and lamp kit, I do my toenails with that but I'd definitely recommend bio sculpture at least once x

  2. It was interesting to find out about bio sculpture gel. I've never used any gel products on my nails before. I like the oval and square shape.

  3. Oh wow! I love these. I really struggle to grow my nails and as a result don't really do much with them. I keep meaning to try to grow them so I can try out different colours etc to see what I like.

  4. I used to get gel or shellac done very regularly but I didn't find it good for my nails as I'd done it for so long. Now I just paint them regularly and treat myself to a shellac manicure for special occasions/ holidays etc x