A Day of Social Wellbeing

Did you know that the importance of social wellness gives people who have healthy relationships and a strong social network tend to live longer and respond better to stress? It’s reduction in stress and anxiety results in a healthier cardiovascular functioning and an enhanced immune system. As we are able to communicate, develop meaningful relationships with others while maintaining a support network that can help us overcome loneliness. As a child, I was able to make friends super easy, I’d have friends from all different friend groups, it helped me develop into the person I am today, it also made me realise how you do act differently from one friend group to the next and who, how and what I allowed myself to be shown as. It was a huge development and understanding in my life. This pretty much sums up the social wellness definition.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve also come to understand, how my life works socially and the social network I have created for myself. Relationships need to be nurtured and be mutually beneficial, having a relationship where it’s one sided, is draining and in my opinion – negative. In a lasting relationship people need to devote a set amount of time to the relationship to show that you’re both seen as a priority. Honesty and support for one another’s hopes and dreams. A relationship should be treated as a place to give – not a place to take. The easiest way to combine pillars of wellbeing are by doing social wellness activities

Van Gogh Alive

I took a trip to Kensington Gardens for the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. This is the first time I have been to London, in months and to be honest a much needed day out. An opportunity to be able to take in breathtakingly beautiful artwork in an extraordinary way, Van Gogh Alive. Mindfulness – to be present in the moment. Don McLean – Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) is one of my favourite songs. Funny how this is World Wellness Week and I’m attending an exhibit about an artist who was diagnosed as insane and was placed into an asylum. He suffered from severe depression and probably one of his most recognised art works “The Starry Night” was produced while incarcerated in the asylum. He never saw his greatness become, selling only one painting! He continued to paint, although critics dismissed him but his brother, Theo, always believed in him – he himself was an art dealer who 'purchased' all of Vincent’s paintings and was his constant supporter. It goes to show that yes, maybe he was dealing with possibly schizophrenia and with mental illness most definitely not understood then, even in the 20th century it was still a very taboo, misunderstood illness – not visible to the naked eye - but that support he had from this brother may have been one of the driving forces to keep producing art work – that someone believed in his talent and dreams.
I make time for things that make me feel good and the people I love.
This one is important. Living a healthy life means you connect with others and give yourself the time you deserve to enjoy life and the things you enjoy to do. Repeat this to yourself when you’re feeling too busy as a reminder to make the time for things that are truly important.

Benefits of Social Wellbeing

The benefits for me to having a social day does a lot more than I think. I feel as though I'm in the moment of what I am doing, not worrying about everything that is causing me daily stress. I had a day where I divulged in eye-capturing art in a multi-sensory experience. I forgot that I was standing for an hour, gazing around at the timeline of Van Gogh's work projected on the walls and floor, a unique blended scent is released in the space to evoke elements of the South of France – with top notes of cyprus, middle notes of lemon and bottom notes of sandalwood. Social wellness incorporating intellectual wellbeing with the activities planned. It's possible to tie many aspects of wellbeing into a day. A feeling of content and happiness of being outside of my usual environment gives me a boost.

What do you do socially to relax?
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  1. You're so right about the importance of social wellbeing. I do a whole host of things to relax, I love to go places I know I'll enjoy that perhaps others wouldn't like exhibitions or cafes or shows. I know I'm doing it for myself then x

  2. I make time for things that make me feel good and the people I love.

    I LOVE this affirmation, so important and true. It has especially rung true coming out of lockdown. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Social well being is extremely important to me and helps with my mental health. I love going the gym and then having a walk back home on my own