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I have never opened up a bottle of shampoo & conditioner and fell in love with the scent like I have this range. A vegan trio of beauty! For those of us who don’t have thick hair, I think it’s something we all desire and for those who already do it’s either a lot to handle but believe me, you want to keep it. Thick hair looks healthier, it’s like a symbol of health & youth. These 3 products from Alterna are there to help achieve, fuller, weightless and glossy smooth hair. It’s ticking so many boxes but can it deliver?

Alterna My Hair. My Canvas. More To Love Shampoo - created with sustainably-sourced vegan botanical caviar - sounds luxe already. This shampoo helps to add bounce, shine & softness to improve the overall appearance of your hair. It's gentle enough to use daily while restoring and rebalancing moisture to the hair while cleansing and not adding weight so the hair can have a clean base. Safe for colour-treated hair which for me is a plus as getting colour in your hair isn't cheap and you want it to last as long as possible.

It uses a unique blend of free-radical neutralizing antioxidants, it's an animal-friendly formula that not only gives a boost to gloss your hair by helping the hair shafts to be smooth, it increases moisture retention - which is important for me as moisture loss, leads to breakage and dry, unmanageable hair. Helps to restore resilience to damaged or stressed hair and as I use heat 1-2x a week my hair needs protection as well as helping to strengthen to avoid a lot of breakage.

Alterna My Hair. My Canvas. More To Love Conditioner - infused with Coconut Sugar Blend and Bamboo Extract. The formula strengthens each individual strand by restoring elasticity and suppleness while giving moisture for a healthier shine. You'll noticed added texture and volume without your hair being dried out. This conditioner has an aroma of Sea Berry and Mandarin - it's...I've never smelt anything like it. I just want it around for the smell alone most times. The conditioner just slips through my hair, I use a tangle teezer or wet brush to distribute the conditioner throughout evenly, I like to leave it for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out.

There’s no left-over residue, just a sweet aroma. I always use my Aquis hair towel to just soak up excess water and to keep frizz to a minimum. In combination these two complement each other great, the shampoo doesn't strip my hair which is important for me. I hate shampoos that dry out my hair that I feel I then need to lather it to the point of suffocation with conditioner to compensate. Plus, as I have colour treated hair, it’s bleached the last thing I need is hay hair.
Alterna My Hair. My Canvas. Exfoliating Cleanser - I’m in love with this aroma, it’s citrus based and just divine. I’ve talked about scalp cleansing before and how important it is, to clean the scalp from excess oil, dry skin and build-up. It’s also colour safe so it won’t strip away any colour. It has Lemon Peel Extract to remove impurities, the cleanser neutralises damaging free-radicals and removes sweat, oil and dirt.

I use this alongside a scalp massager tool and it’s definitely a MUST HAVE! My scalp feels so much cleaner and it makes it easier for the next stage of shampooing. This does have really small clarifying beads that help renew and refresh hair. It’s an environmentally friendly vegan formula and if there's a product you need to try first from this range it's definitely this cleanser, you'll be drawn in from the scent alone and when you feel and see the results you'll love it even more.
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