The Most Unique Gift, You Can Get for Father's Day This Year!


Looking for a Father’s Day gift for that important person in your life, isn’t easy and it could be for your Dad, Grandad, Stepdad or whoever else you look towards – it’s not simple. I think finding unique gifts are the way to go these days especially when you’ve bought all the chocolates and #1 Dad mugs, he could ever want. After 2020 was a crap year for so many of us, I think this Father’s Day is just a nice excuse to show your parental figure that you appreciate him & want to show him.

Being someone who has two dads to purchase for, I think there’s one thing you can give to any & that is jewellery. Who doesn’t like jewellery?

Jewellery has been worn by men for centuries as recently as 19th and 20th century & probably as much as women. Although now they tend to wear more simpler, functional pieces, such as a bracelet, wedding ring, cufflinks or a watch – which is probably ideal for most?

Quick Guide to Vintage Jewellery for Men

What could be more unique than buying men’s antique jewellery for a unique gift.

Edwardian jewellery for men (1901-1914) jewellery at this time was more elegant and refined as the delicate jewellery was made from twisted wire mostly gold or silver and high-set diamonds. After having mass production of the Victorian age for jewellery the Edwardian jewellery was more individual, meaning that the pieces were one of a kind.

Example: These antique rose gold cufflinks circa 1912

Art Deco was between 1915 and the start of World War II. The pieces reflected more of what was happening during this period - ‘loss of innocence’. Associated with the mass-destruction of wartime. You’ll find more pieces began taking on new forms, such as coloured enamels, blue, green, coral and red that would be set against gold, rose gold and chrome. Motifs were commonly used for chains, rings, tie pins and cufflinks. Designers were mainly led by men.

Example: This impressive men's vintage gold ring circa 1940

Mid-century post war – early 1970s. New styles were featured everywhere from fashion to homeware and men were seen wearing more oversized cufflinks, neck chains and bold tie pins. Colours and stand out bold designs were very common and reflecting the time, optimistic, bright and young.

Example: Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks circa 1960, but you can see the bold blue enamel surrounded by 14 carat yellow gold.

As you can see you can get some unique pieces for your dad this year, there's so many beautiful antique jewellery you can purchase and gift. Probably even something that'll become an heirloom in years to come!
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