The Lisa Shepherd Scalp Product, You Need to Try!

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The Hair Boss by Lisa Shepherd, I have previously reviewed briefly and I quite liked the results with the Lisa Shepherd colour enhancing gloss – there’s so much in the range that I want to try & the Scalp Scrub product has certainly been one of those. Being known as The Hair Doctor, Lisa Shepherd has over 30 years experience within the industry – worldwide. Lisa was also the colourist on the TV show 10 Year’s Younger. With accolades and awards that no other colour expert in the country has – we can not go wrong in our trust. I’ve visited the salon twice in the past for a cut and colour and the service, advice and experience was amazing and next to none.

Why We Should Detox Our Scalp

When I first read about scalp exfoliation, it made sense as to why we should exfoliate our scalp like we do the rest of our skin – there’s going to be build up, possible dryness leading to problems such as dandruff. Using this as a scalp detox exfoliating pre-wash treatment is amazing for me as I can be that person, gel, hairspray, oils and it will build up and of course my hair type isn’t the wash everyday type, so when the wash day arrives, I need to make sure that my scalp is clean. It also can be used to remove make-up from the hairline & body – go figure. If you want to unclog pores, clear product build-up from the hair follicles and buff away dead skin…Babes, get to scalp detoxing.

Why You Should Choose The Hair Boss The Scalp Scrub

Within the ingredient’s tea tree and willow herb / rosebay, these are good as the tea tree may help reduces itchiness, greasiness and dandruff symptoms while the willow herb/rosebay helps calm inflammation and irritation, promotes moisture and reduces dryness. The combination is a winner. I like the smell of this scalp detox; I find it uplifting, relaxing plus the nice tingle on the scalp is fresh. As it can be a little thick in consistency, I would suggest if you have hair that is long enough to part and section with a wide-tooth comb, this way you can really get to your scalp, section by section and give it a good scrub. I also use a scalp massager alongside with this for more stimulation and a nice ‘scratch’ lol. As it’s available in Superdrug it’s super accessible and budget friendly at £7.99! You’ll find Superdrug do great offers from time to time and you can pick up more from the range to accompany a successful wash treatment.

Have you ever used a scalp treatment product?
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