Zaggora Viva Hotpants

You may or may not of heard of Zaggora* so for those who have not let me introduce you to them:

The come in 5 different types of pants Viva Hotpants · Capri Flares · Flares · Hotpants · Nude Hotpants ( all can be viewed here )
Zaggora are pants that are made with Celu-Lite technology, this technology increases the body temperature while you're active to help you burn more calories faster during and after your workout. You don't have to just wear them while working out, you can be doing the house work or just pop them on underneath your clothes - I read some people even wear them to bed.

You will swear more as your core body temperature is increased by the hotpants. There's a two week Zaggora challenge that if you wear Zaggora Viva Hotpants throughout the two weeks and complete 3 - 30 minute workouts each week ( or during activities )  you could lose 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks - impressive and a HUGE claim.

So let me tell you I wore these for a couple of days after first receiving these and boy, just to wriggle into them was a workout. I was thinking should I of got a size up ( I got medium )then I read elsewhere from someone else who had them that they had a pair of the other Zaggora pants and the Viva ones seemed to be slightly baggy around the crotch and tight around the knee - exactly what I was experiencing. I did have to get help to pull them up and it's a slight effort to get on -believe me and they make a weird noise it reminds me of shell suits.

(now can we keep in mind I'm dealing with water weight) ahem nice excuse. Let me tell you I have one of these defies logic bodies wants to do everything it's not suppose to and when it's getting help it refuses it - stubborn like the mind.

My current statistics that were taken on the day of the first time putting these on were :

Waist at belly button 37 inches
Hips at bone 41 inches
Right Thigh 23 inches

Only thing I don't want to lose is my hips but I guess I don't have much choice lol.

FF. Let me take them today

Waist at belly button 37 inches
Hips at bone 39 inches
Right thigh 23 inches

- the only thing I want to say is, how can it burn the calories on the waist when it's a mission to get them up to the hips let alone get them up to the waist.
It's a pinch and drag and the crotch still has air left maybe over time when they get more wear they adjust better. [ edit which was the case ]

Next thing to note - these are hand wash in cold water ONLY so if you sweat buckets I suggest that as soon as your done with your workouts etc, put them in a cold bucket of water and wash them and leave them to dry overnight ready for the next day.

Now if these work I'll be putting in a petition for a midriff top - muffin tops are just for muffins not for us ladies.

Purchase : Zaggora Viva Hotpants
Price : £50


The other week I completed my two week Zaggora project with a little success.

My stats didn't change much from my first Zaggora attempt because well erm I slacked so the second time I made sure I wore them - daily and for more than the 30minutes as I wanted to see how much I could lose.

Was :
Waist at belly button 37 inches
Hips at bone 39 inches
Right thigh 23 inches

After :
Waist : 35 inches
Hips at Bone : 38.5 inches
Right Thigh : 25 inches

Now to be honest I'm not so fussed with my up and down hip & thigh weight - honestly I'd rather keep them - my target areas :

Face - Arms - Back - Waist 

I did also cut down on carbs and did a bit more cardio. Began eating a lot more fresh food - fruits and salads.

I managed to go down another inch on my waist and then gain it back up to 35 a I think I got a little too happy with the inch loss I cheated.

Don't cheat. You will see the change!

I'm going to continue to wear my pants until well they don't fit me no more. Believe me when I tell you - the sweat is real. 

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