Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection | 2012 Fall Preview

This has been a post I have been waiting to do, I have been waiting on promo images from when I first read & posted about this collection. Now here it is & I don't quite know how to feel about it....


  • How to Marry (veluxe pearl) Soft White
  • Preferred Blonde (veluxe pearl) Pale Champagne Beige 
  • Silver Screen (veluxe pearl) True Silver
  • Showgirl (veluxe pearl) Dark Blue Grey

LIPSTICK (limited edition)
  • Pure Zen (cremesheen) Hot Nude (permanent)?
  • Scarlet Ibis (matte) Bright orange-red (repromote) 
  • Love Goddess (satin) mid-tone red pink
  • Charmed I'm sure (matte) Dark true red
  • Deeply Adored (matte) Deep Scarlet 

LIPGLASS (limited edition)
  • Phiff! - Sheer yellow peach (repromote) 
  • Little Rock - Soft Sheer White with Pearlized pigments 

NAIL LACQUER (limited edition)
  • Flaming Rose (cream) True Red
  • Stage Red (cream) Dark Berry Red
  • Kid Orange (cream) Coral (repromote) 
  • Rich Rich Rich (pearl) Glittery Gold
  • Vintage Vamp (cream) Rich Deep Retro Wine (permanent) 

Beauty Powder (limited edition)
  • Forever Marilyn (sheer pale peach highlighter) 

Powder Blush (limited edition) 
  • Legendary (satin) Pale Soft Coral
  • The Perfect Cheek (matte) Neutral Pink Beige (repromote) 
eye kohl 
  • Smolder - Intense Black
  • Fascinating - Intense matte White

Lip Pencil
  • Beet - Vivid reddish-pink
  • Redd - Clearly red
  • Cherry - Vivid bright blue/red

  • Clear Brow Finisher   (permanent)
  • False Lashes Extreme Black - Carbon Black  (permanent)
  • Penultimate Brow Marker Universal - Natural Warm Taupe-brown   (permanent)
  • Penultimate Eye Liner Rapidblack - Rich Deep Carbon Black   (permanent)
  • Lashes (limited edition) #35 Dramatic lash with emphasis on the centre of the lashes

there we have it the Marilyn Collection for MAC.

I'm not really sure on the packaging to be honest, I'm not sure but when I first saw the first image - I thought it was photoshopped in honesty. I doubt white would've make it look any better but I guess it's quite difficult to do a collection where you do want the images on the items without making it look 'cheap'. Then again isn't it more about the product at the end of the day ? (though the packaging does turn you onto it too) Maybe I was looking for them to throw it back, give it a retro feel.

Also don't understand why aren't there any matte eyeshadows ?! I had dreams of swooping up the entire collection for psycho reasons but I think this has now helped dwindle down my list.

Are you looking forward to this collection? What on your list?


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  1. I want those lip pencils! A good red one is so hard to find!

    1. Lip pencils, lipstick, blush, powder, lashes that's probably I would select. It's true a good red is hard to find, yet to find one.

  2. This is such an amazing collection! This has got to be one of the best.
    - Keyta x

    1. I'm half and half looking forward to it - ah I'm going to keep going on about the packaging but I'm all for it being a Monroe fiend. xo

  3. Oh wow, this looks like it will be amazing!

  4. Im getting 4 of the lipsticks if they swatch well, the mascara and the lip pencils.

    I really don't think anything is pigmented enough to look great on darker skin

  5. A dead woman on the packaging....creepy. I still dont know why women idolize her, she is the old kim kardashian minus the abortions -_- Nice blog by the way!

    1. Anonymous16/9/12

      Wow that's rude. Anyways i'm looking forward to the collection

  6. Anonymous9/9/12

    I'm getting two of the lipsticks, both the lipglosses, some of the eyeshadows, and the eyelashes!

  7. I have to agree with you on the packaging here! I mean were is the creativity for this collection?! I was so looking forward to getting this collection because of what I thought the packaging would look like. I had dreams that they may have gone for a red container with Marilyn and macs name on the package with a far more glamours picture of her. Or even a pinkish red packaging and Marilyn in a red dress or something like that. This packaging is a total miss for me! And I really wanted to see mate colors in the collection too! Mac is caring less and less about their customers and I'm getting tried of it. I hope they put more thought into the Betty and Veronica collection next year.

  8. Anonymous18/9/12

    I am soo relieved that there's nothing that I really have to have from this collection. *phew* The packaging is sorta cute cause marilyn's face is cute... but the poses are so akward that it's not even really worth it for the packaging. I wish they would give us more of the pro longwear lipsticks that come in the double sided tube - I think they might be phasing those out : (

  9. Any idea when this collection will be available in stores? Dying to get my hands on some of the lipglosses, blushes and lipsticks!

    Emily x

    1. All I know is it will be released in October, no word on the actual day. xo