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A little under a fortnight ago, I used Distilled Witch Hazel to tone my face in replacement of my Tea Tree Water that had run out. I woke up the next morning with under the skin bumps,  it felt like a reptiles skin. It was horrible!

Over the course of the days I just continued my skin routine and the face started to flake. Putting on any sort of make-up was a no no.

Flaking, peeling & bumpy skin, what a confidence boost.

Taking my bum over to LUSH I needed a top up of goods and I knew I needed a exfoliant and face mask but what?

I'm honestly not a fan of LUSH's face masks only in part because of the smell. I don't doubt that they are excellent but when you cannot bare a smell it's not relaxing. You have to use their masks up quickly and I don't use products like a fiend to go through things so fast but I may have found one that turns me into one!

I decided to get my top up of Tea Tree Toner and Ultrabland and revisit Ocean Salt as my facial exfoliant & hunt a face mask down!

Love Ocean Salt, it was a first time purchase in late 2010 [featured here] it has to be the only exfoliant that after using my skin feels that much more smoother and cleaner. Fine sea salt, fresh grapefruit infusion, organic lime extracted in vodka, avocado butter, EVCO, lime oil...the gorgeous ingredients are endless and so safe. [purchase]

Oatifix I returned 5 LUSH pots and decided to try Oatifix - yup decided to try another LUSH face mask in the hope this would help the drying parts of my face where it was flaking and peeling. I'VE FOUND A FACE MASK I WANT TO EAT! This contains bananas - a very oily rich fruit which is great for dry skin. Illipe butter to help moisturise and oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin bind the ingredients so it acts as a gentle scrub to lift dead skin away and leave the face looking brighter and to boot a soft scent based on vanilla. How soothing. [purchase]

Tea Tree Water Toner was first mentioned to me by Sharon from Sharon's MakeUp Diary  I use to use The Body Shop Tea Tree line in High School also revisited the entire line again in 2010 but to no avail to my skincare routine. I've had no problem with this toner, doesn't make my skin feel dry and I love to sometimes pop it into the fridge to get an ever cooler spray after cleansing. [purchase]

Ultrabland this became my Babyface replacement which if anyone remembers was once a LUSH cleanser that they discontinued (best believe I have some stashed away lol) Babyface helped to clear up my face when I had a bad breakout. I was advised that Ultrabland was there replacement for it. Moving from one cleanser to another after it becomes your HG is disheartening but I've used Ultrabland in rotation with another cleanser and best believe when I say it takes off your heavy make-up and cleans your face - I MEAN SO. It's something I recommend to family I love it so much. [purchase]

Partly I enjoy finding new products, who doesn't want to find that skincare routine that's perfect and gives them the youth of life and perfect complexion but there's always that risk of your skin not taking to the products so for the month of August. I will only be using these as my primary skincare. Let's see how my skin takes heading into September.

Do you love LUSH products as much as I do ? 


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  1. I am interested to see how your skin is after a month of using the same products. Personally I think it is important that once you find what works for your skin you stick to it! & your skin will love you for it :)

    1. Me too, I do think you should stick with products once you've found a routine that works. I guess though sometimes as a blogger you get intrigued into finding that miracle one product lol.

  2. i love me some lush altho some of the scents can be a lil overpowering. thanks for the shout out hun<3 havent gotten to try face masks yet but I have Ocean salt which i agree is great!

    1. Yeah a lot of people say that - especially while in the store, can be hard to know what your truly smelling + np honey.

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