Never Stop Dreaming

I have dreams, just can't seem to reach them.

Nearly 4am and I'm still awake.

Sorry for the lack of posts and believe me I'm behind on a lot but I've been ill the last 3 days. This year I've been at my most sickest, I need to build an immune system lol.

Just had no energy to do any photography and blog unfortunately. I spent most my evening sleeping, no wonder I'm awake now watching 'All in the Family'

I've got reviews on clip-in ponytail hair extensions, August Glossybox, my new nail strengthening polish, refreshing my ombre, update on the Vajacial, requested hair tutorial, Diego Dalla Palma lipstick, Sleek Mini Haul, IsaDora BB Cream, Inika cosmetics much more.

This week I had the biggest urge to have pink hair lol, not just the tip - all over candy cotton pink. It hasn't been done, maybe I should just get into wigs.

No weekly weigh in as I haven't really been eating since taking ill especially as I can't chew so I've just been drinking through a straw, I have a feeling I've put on weight.

I've had some food for thought this week, being ill sometimes gives you time just to think and refocus on things. Only thing I like about being ill - my nan said to me today ' You really don't do being sick well ' ... I'm the worst, especially when it's one problem effecting multiple other places it's irritating.

After this I want to go to a spa all day, just be pampered and sleep lol.

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