Vajacial - At Home

Last month I shared with you my discovery of the Vajacial / Vagacial.
If you don't know about it please read the blog post here!

Women of colour & curly haired beauts are more prone to ingrown hairs and discolouration - sad but true and a pain in the A. So if we do at home hair removal especially we need to pay extra attention to the aftercare.

Ingrown hairs can often become irritated and infected due to the debris and dirt. To get rid of an ingrown hair is similar to that of a spot. Make sure the area is clean and gently exfoliate to remove ANY dead skin and get to work - it'll never be a pleasurable experience. Beauty is pain -  one motto we surly live by.

Therefore if you have experienced any ingrown hairs after your last hair removal method - begin to tend to them to prevent them from coming back with a vengeance note - a professional Vajacial is performed a week after waxing. [Personally I would deal with any ingrown hairs 1-2 days pre-shave.]
I personally don't wax and we all know shaving grows back faster ( I haven't taken to epilating there just yet ) so if your a shaver the Vajacial will probably be performed earlier than a waxer.

For the last month I've taken to seeing if going these extra steps can be more beneficial.

bye-bye ingrown hairs!

To properly treat an ingrown hair is not a one time action - to do it correctly and to avoid future infection you need to treat and care for the area.

Step One:
Gently wash and exfoliate the area (bikini line and top)
Tip :- If you want to a few days before to reduce any swelling try an Aspirin Wash.
I use I love my muff clean wash & Argan 5 body polish to exfoliate.

Step Two:
Press a warm towel over the infected area to open up the pores. If the hair is embedded into the skin the heat will soften the hair and bring it closer to the surface. Keep doing this process until it rises to the top of the skin!
Tip :- Sometimes the hair is slightly looped, it's just entering into the skin, you can gently take the tweezer and under the loop pull it up.

Step Three:
Apply antiseptic cream to the ingrown hair spot, do this 1-2x a day and keep watch of the area.

*Savlon isn't animal friendly* 

Step Four:
You need a good pair of tweezers, sharp, meet & grip at the tip. Disinfect the tweezers in alcohol or with any antibacterial product you have.
Treating the sore spot now using the sterilised tweezers gently pull the hair in the direction the hair is growing.

Step Five:
Using a cotton pad / wool with witch hazel over the area to soothe and close the pores (don't use a astringent high in alcohol)
Tip :- If you have sensitive skin, follow up with a small dab of Aloe Vera Gel on a cotton bud / ball / pad. Try not to use your hands as you do not want to infect the area further.

Step Six:
Use a ingrown hair prevention solution you can find these at most beauty / drug stores.

Step Seven:
Leave the area to rest. Keep treating the area before any hair removal method as you don't want to irritate the skin until it's healed.

Last but not least don't wear tight underwear.

It all does make a difference, no lightening creams. Just clean, exfoliate, extract, heal ... shave - repeat.
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