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I think August is the month of try-outs :- solid skincare routine [1], eyelash growth serum [2] and now nails.

Orly Premium - NAILTRITION : for peeling & splitting nails.
NAILTRITION helps strengthen peeling and splitting nails. Collagen, Wheat Protein, Keratin and Bamboo Extrat help stimulate healthier, faster growth. Nails grow longer and stronger. 
So far since growing my nails last year [here using OPI Nail Envy my nails around Sept - October started to break and Nail Envy wasn't working for me. I was then introduce to Nailtiques and that didn't help much either so I decided let me try the HG of nail strengtheners Dr.Lewinns Renunail and while it's helped slightly with length as soon as I take it off for the one day break I'm automatically faced with peeling and breaking - it's unbelievable.

My right hand seems to be a lot better with strength than the left hand. Each time they peel, leaves a thin wafer of nail that ends in a split so I result to trimming them down hence why all my fingers are at a different length.

The directions of this are similar to other nail treatments :
  • Week One - apply 1 - 2 coats daily. Remove at end of week.
  • Week Two - Repeat.
  • Repeat two week program as necessary, waiting one week before reapplication.
Now this doesn't give a time of when you will start to notice a difference but I will give this a month and see the outcome.

Here are my nails before ....

Just ew, as you can see on the bottom picture my nail is peeling, this hand is my weakest and keeps breaking. After fixing up my nails by cutting, shaping them I applied the nailrition, here it is after 2 days and 2 applications:

I'm not liking the bubbles appearing when the next application is brushed on. I've read it happens when you apply a layer onto another when it's not dry except this hasn't been the case as it's always applied a day later.

The finish is lovely, makes not having nail polish on easier.

Anyway if it does the job then I want be so miffed over the air bubbles...let's hope I don't have any more peeling or breaking problems.

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[edit - I have since taken this off and reapplied it and there is no bubbling - hurrah, don't ask what happened that time round]

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