Faux Ponytail

2005 was probably the last time I wore a clip on pony tail, well I say clip on it was a drawstring ponytail by Freetress, put your hair in a bun and then put the hair on, draw the string tight and then wrap it around and tuck it under.

Clip in ponytail extensions* come in 10 shades from black to mixed blonde / brown. Only available in 20 inches! When I got these from Clip Hair I noticed there a little different.

There is no drawstring but what it does have is one comb at the top, a lace net, a ribbon either side and extra pieces of hair at the side of the lace net.

The hair on top of the lace is used to wrap around the ribbon once tied to disguise it. What's also different about this ponytail is that the way it can be used is when your hair is in a ponytail this goes on top of your natural hair and blends in.

Now at the moment my hair is multicoloured and unless I dye the hair it won't blend in 100% so here is how I am using it at the moment.

Step One Put my hair into a bun: I lightly twist it around and loosely tie it around my hairband and pin it with grips. I don't want a big bun or a top knot because the hair when on won't sit as well. I want the appearance that my hair is in a ponytail.
Step Two Position hair : Slid the comb on the hair piece onto my hair right by the bun.
Step Three Securing it : Taking the ribbons on each side, I wrap that around and then tie it at the back.
Step Four Hiding it : Those two hair pieces I mentioned earlier are now needed. I wrap those just like the ribbon and leave out at the back and it stays.
Step Five Voilà : It's now complete and I have a new 20inch pony tail.

I think the next step with this hair is seeing how well it takes dye and heat.

Purchase : Cliphair
Price : £49.99

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  1. I have never tried clip in extensions or other this kind of hair pieces. I like how this ponytail looks on you.

    1. Aw thank you honey. Good ol' faux pony

  2. Its really nice on u hon haven't worn ponytails since last year! My hair has grown that I don even need but hav@least 4 w me jus in case

    1. I love to add that extra length on my hair. Think it's nice for a switch up every now and again

  3. Wait I'm looking online and can't find the color you have in. What is it?

  4. What color do you have in? I can't seem to find it on the website...

  5. and did you dye it at all? I noticed the ends were a lighter blonde, because we essentially have the exact same hair coloring and I want to be as precise as possible haha, also your gorgeous!

    1. Oops sorry lovely I got this directly from the emails of my clip-ins.
      Natural Black #1B, Dark Brown #2 & Light Brown #6. That's the light brown, I got it to somewhat match my ombre if I wore my hair down. The hair in the bun is my natural hair btw xo


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