Glossybox August 2012 International Superstars

Last week my Glossybox* arrived - wow I'm either doing these late or the months are passing me by way too fast. This month is the International Superstars box. Containing a product from varies countries:

imPRESS Press-On Manicure (£7.99+) Last time I tried press on nails was a few years back when I won some kiss nails goodie bag. Wouldn't say I'm hot on press ons but I think I will give them a go as I'm sure their less damaging then glue etc. - America

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (£18.50) Adore oil for the face as you may or may not know I tried the Oil Cleansing Method, which I really love. Simple, removes dirt and is easy enough. I did find that it's finding an oil balance. At some point I'm sure this will be used. - Japan

Lipcote (£3.99) I already have lipcote within my beauty collection. I do like this product having reviewed it here but probably won't be using it soon but it's handy to have about when you really do want that lipstick to stay put. - United Kingdom

Glossybox Lipstick (£9.50) I didn't agree with Glossybox when they put their make-up brush in a box a few months ago. Safe to say their launching their own range?! Yet it's a little cheeky including them in the boxes but smart from a business stand point. It's a nice colour, when I swatched it. Wouldn't say it's one I would buy. - GlossyBox

Alessandro Pro White (£7.85) Another product I'm wanting to try out. An anti-yellowing formula, designed to keep the nails white and gleaming. I hope this is the case, will look forward to trying it out. - Germany

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette (£3.85) I HATED this as soon as I glanced upon it, picking it up the packaging felt like something I would of got from a market stall. The pigmentation wasn't bad but I was just really put off & disliked it. - Spain

2.5/6 products I'm happy with and would use. Got to say that palette for me was a real let down.

What did you get different in your box?

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  1. Anonymous8/21/2012

    The palette is AWFUL quality, many have said it can be purchased along many strips in spain for 1Euro or less. How Glossybox are claiming it is worth £5 I do not know!
    Unfortunately the Alessandro product didn't work for me and hade a really strong scent too, which let me down!
    It's an ok box, better than last month, but since GB's statement sectioning apart 'elite' customers I don't know how I'm feeling on things! x

    1. I really hated the palette. The plastic casing was just urgh, when I swatched it on my fingers the pigmentation wasn't bad but it wouldn't be something I'd put on my face at all.

      What! 1 euro or less, what a joke, definitely isn't worth the amount at all. It was very market stall so that proved my point there.

      Ah noo. I haven't opened mine yet as I've been using the Orly Nailrition.

      Oh really now hmm intersting o.O thanks for the comment babe xo

    2. My palette arrived broken, not a great first impression, hate the colours of mine, I got a green/neutral one.
      Feeling pretty ripped off on this box right now tbh xo

    3. That's terrible - broken!! Ughh that box doesn't seem to of been a lot of people's favourite. xo

  2. Im not a GB subscriber and never been, but from a distant point of view - the boxes seem to be gettin poorer and poorer, not a very good move for a business like that me thinks. xx


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