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Here are some products I have tried & tested. Instead of doing a full blown review on each, I'll do a quick feature. Want to know more details on any of them, let me know in the comments. These feature good & bad reviews!

Witch Blemish Gel (£3.29)* : I got this in last years Cosmo Blog Awards goodie bag and it was inside that bag for a while and I decided to try it when my Good Things Stop That Spot ran out as a temporary replacement. This aqua 35ml plastic tube has a spa appeal to it, it contains witch hazel extract and is targeted more towards oily/combination skin. Which should be ideal for me. As soon as it's applied it's cool, it says to dab it on to the spot - so no need to rub it in. Testing how it does feel rubbed in, it doesn't dry taught or sticky. It absorbs well but I don't feel for my spots which are normally under the skin works very well. I didn't notice much help while using this.

Agadir Argan Oil - Moisture Masque (£22.08)* : Argan oil doesn't seem to be one of the things my skin or hair will ever reject. I bleach and dye my hair a lot so you can only imagine how I need to really treat it before and afterwards. Since April I've been using this rotated in my hair routine & I'm about 3/4 through the 8 fl oz tub. The smell is divine, it's thick in texture and reminds me of hair cream but once it's on let it do it's magic. This is a necessity for me ESPECIALLY after bleaching my hair and we all know how much bleaching takes out of hair.

Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Rejuvenating Face Mask (£49.99)* : Since I got this, I started to read how the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of Bee Venom. This isn't an acne mask it's targeted for fine lines, wrinkles and with ongoing use can help fade scars. I had been using the foaming cleanser which was helping my skin keep clear. I like the feeling it gives my skin afterwards, smooth and refined. While using this and my vitamin E oil more my scars were fading. But if this is the only thing on my 24 year old skin that it helps, sticking to just Vitamin E oil might be the wisest choice pocket wise. This product is more aimed at women experiencing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Long Curved Tweezers (£10.00) : These particular ones aren't available for public retail at the moment, I got them while at AOFM from Barbara Villasenor but if there are a pair of tweezers I keep with me - it's these. The way these are modelled it makes taking out rows of hair quicker. I do find these type of tweezers are going to be one of preference.

Save the Nail Bridge the Ridge Base Coat (£5.95) : I've continued to use this hoping that on the chance it works but for me it filled in no ridges. It sat in the ridges that I had which of course defeated the point, I used two coats just in case and no difference. Since I grew the ridges out it's just as pointless as when I first purchased it.

Soap & Glory Exfoliating Gloves (£4.00) : Exfoliating gloves, I go through these like a mad woman. Some are too rough on my skin, while others just suck. I decided to buy these, a little bit more than what I would normally buy exfoliating gloves for but if I'm to be honest, well worth it. They have yet to feel like a brillo pad on my skin but they do the job without making me feel peeled.
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  1. The Bee Venom mask sounds amazing, but the price is a little scary!

    Rachel from www.whatabeauty.co.uk x

    1. Yeah it's a steep price, I would admit that. Ah this beauty world can be costly.


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