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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A few days ago I placed an order with Sleek MakeUP and picked a couple of products* being quite unsure on what to select I decided on 6 items that I would most likely need sometime soon.

Blush by 3 (£10.00)*: I received my first Blush by 3 back in March -Pink Sprint, I was in love with how vibrant this shade is. Over the last year peaches/corals have gripped me so it was only right that I picked up 'Lace' to try out. The two matte and one shimmer shades have the names Chantilly, Guipure and Crochet.

Blush (£4.49)*:When I first started taking make-up more seriously me & blush weren't very good friends. I found it more hard to apply and look right then anything else just because I didn't want to end up looking like a clown - now I can't do without it. Life's a Peach by Sleek is a subtle, light peach that can't go wrong. Once swatched it does remind me of pastel chalk.

Pout Paints (£4.99)*:Playing with Pout Paints is a secret past time of mine. It's so fun to make new shades and see how they look on yourself. Milkshake & Lava are the newest two to my collection. Lava is a red undertone orange that I just had to have, orange lips maybe overtaking my usual red uh-oh. Milkshake on the other hand is a coral pink which is slightly bright but can be toned down with the white pout paint cloud 9

Eau Eau Liner (£4.99)*:White eyeliner for me is just as much a necessity to me as a black one so I got White Noise alongside Canary Yellow after my success with getting yellow eyeshadow to appear bright on my eyes it's got me in a yellow mood and I want to try this as a future base.

Have you picked anything up from Sleek lately?


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  1. I want everything there is that bad? lol

  2. I want these, great picks honey am yet2buy Sleek pout paints gotta love Sleek!

  3. Absolutely love the blush trio! :D

  4. The yellow looks soo pretty! Great buys.



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