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Selfridges Beauty Box

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Limited Edition Bespoke Box

When I saw this a few days ago via Vex in the City - I knew I had to make sure I got one. Unfortunately they were sold out before I could get the chance to do so! It was like a Boxing Day sale instore but online. Error codes, Out of stock, In stock, Out of stock! Then I got an email telling me that there's 120 more boxes available.

I tried twice and got a 404 and another error code. Then a confirmation email came through saying I had got a box - very strange.

This box got everyone's goat up. Some though it was ridiculous that people were complaining over a box, others were upset that Selfridges allowed people to buy more than one box.

What was the purpose of this box? With the launch of Selfridges new concept - The Beauty Workshop. They developed a limited edition bespoke beauty box. Their Beauty Workshop within their stores will offer a mix of hair & nails, tanning, bodycare, skincare, eyebrow threading and beauty tools.

So for those who have yet to see what is inside this box here it is :

Stila One Step Correct Stila's One-Step Correct tripe-swirled helix serum brightens the complexion and covers blemishes providing a no-fuss, flawless finish. It won't clog pores or settle into fine lines, so all anyone will notice is your perfect skin
Besides trying their tinted moisturiser and a eye liner. I've not used any other Stila products so this one is a huge bonus and comes at a good time with my skin too.

BIOEFFECT EGF Serum A sell out success internationally, it uses cell-stimulating EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) to rejuvenate ageing, dull and dry skin, leaving it looking luminous, revitalised and radiant.
This would of been ideal when I was suffering from my dry skin earlier this month. I think I'm going to include this into a facial routine at some point. I like the dropper - glass bottle packaging. If this is going to improve the appearance of my skin right now, it will be a God send.

Philip B Katira Hair Mask Containing Pure Katira Extract, it fills in weak, damaged spots in the hair cuticle for added smoothness and strength. Just one application will instantly revitalise your hair colour, speed-up blow-drying time, and lock in shine.
I've had Philip B samples before and I really enjoyed the products. I do tend to stick to what works mostly and unfortunately don't repurchase much haircare. Yet with me going to refresh my ombre soon - hair masques are going to be needed.  

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum Each Aesop formula contains the finest plant based ingredients as well as non-botanical elements such as anti-oxidants.
This is good for dry, combination and oily skin types - so it's great it caters. To be used after cleansing and toning and smoothed over the face and neck. I actually like the smell of this, reminds me of a late summer in the country ( don't ask ) very relaxing and fresh smell. This is good to use in the more humid / warmer times of the year. Gives a light hydration and a matte finish, due to it being lightweight it's a good alternative to creams or oil based moisturisers. ( where have you been the last few weeks ) 

Antipodes Avocado and Rosehip Divine Face Oil This oil leaves skin feeling fresh and plumped. It actively boosts Type 1 collagen in skin cells, targets scars and wrinkles and eases the effects of ageing.
 Loving oils and never tried Avocado oil or Rosehip before, this is one that I'm going to love to test out in the coming weeks. I know the benefits of Avocado for the face and in this mixture it's aim is to give a lift to tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin. Perfect for those who have caught any Sun as of late or been ill like me to give that skin a boost. Avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of lines and age spots, while the rosehip helps avocado oil targets scars and wrinkles ( hmm wonder if I can make this )

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask Packed with mineral-rich moor mud from Lake Heviz. This gentle yet effective mask purifies and soothes skin, leaving it soft and radiant with a post-facial glow.
I have been in love with Omorovicza since I got the chance to review their face mist and BB cream - love the company and their products, this is the one I think more than any I'm wanting to try & review. Read more on my Omorovicza review here 

Estelle & Thild Lip Balm This is saturated with vitamins that nourish, plump and protect your lips, while enhancing them with moisture replenishing, barely there lip colour.
Who doesn't need a good ol' lip balm, a nice smelling Raspberry lip balm. Applying it it feels like it's got a lot of coverage to it, it's a little thick in appearance so I wouldn't so you need a lot, doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the lips. 

So was this box worth all the aggro? I believe so, I'm more than happy with the products they offered and this is one box - limited edition or not that the products won't go to waste. For £15 I think you got more than your money's worth with it, even though you knew what to expect. I suppose with the in-demand of it all you would get errors and disappointed people but limited edition - limited stock. They did apologise to people about their disappointment and errors. I'd give them kudos for that.

These will be reviewed either individually or in a quick reviews post. If there is anything you want to see a full blown review on please do let me know.

Did you manage to grab a box? Thoughts ....

LaaLaa x Dom & Ink


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  1. I literally just got my box 2 minutes ago from the post man! I got up as soon as I got the email at 6am to get mine ;) I had errors but I thought it was my internet so checked out on my phone instead in one go, woo!
    So excited, the bio effect serum alone is worth £50!.... crazy!!
    :) xo

    1. Aw lol, girl you was dedicated. Yeah I think a lot of people experienced errors. Yeah the value for money is insane! Thanks for your comment love xo

  2. I Simply cannot wait to get my box, I went through a lot of stress trying to order it - it took like 2 hours but I think its worth it and I will use probably all but 1 of the products. Thanks for a lovely write up, I look forward to reading your reviews on each item and we can compare notes :-)
    Grace x

    1. That was a lot of hassle but it all ended well for the few of us. Oh wonder what product you won't be using?! No problem, can't wait to see your thoughts on the box! xo

  3. So much drama yesterday but it was kinda fun in the end! Though I probably wouldnt be saying that now if I hadn't got one - my boyfriend got it for me in the end as I just couldnt check out! I dont understand the people on twitter saying it's too expensive for a beauty box, hello, it has £150 of stuff in and good stuff too! Some people are saying people only got it for the brand (Selfridges) but I personally got it for the products xx

    1. Wasn't it though, we was causing a little twitter storm. That I don't agree with, compared to the boxes people get monthly this was amazing fair enough one off and £15 but the value is amazing. Annoyed much cos they didn't manage to score one? I got it for the products too, it's things we can try without splashing down the cash and end up being disappointed over later xo

  4. I tried to get this and it was like outta stock, error code yada yada and I gave up. U got lovely products there honey can't wait for reviews :D

    1. Telling me, a lot people were mad at these errors and the out of stock was just silly. Such a shame you didn't get one boo-hoo. Thanks lovely xo

  5. I got mine I canceled my dentist appointment for it haha the site crashed on me like 10 times but luckily it kept the box in my basket the whole time ! I can't wait to try out the goodies and hope they release another beauty box soon :) x ... To be honest I think they should of limited it to 1 per coustmer ... The selfridges team knew the demand due to the vast email sign ups ... Yet I know people who crazily grabbed 2 or 3 each .... Ohh and the drama on there Facebook page was horrendous genuine people who wanted the boxes for them selfs who have been trying for Hours where called ' money grabbers ' and ppl who got it where saying things like ' you snooze you loose ' .. And accusations of people who where getting multiple boxes where getting them to sell on eBay !
    LOL personally for me the error & site drama was worth it but all the social network hate was not worth it and there was noo need xxx

    1. Best comment lmao. You cancelled your appointment for it - dedication, love it. Yeah I was lucky enough that each time it crashed it was kept in the basket, I tried the last time before the confirmation email came through and it was out my basket and out of stock. They definitely should of kept it 1 per customer, it was a little unfair on that front, I agree 100% I was seeing on Twitter people saying how a lot were getting extras for giveaways & to sell on eBay - when opportunity knocks but it was very unfair on people who genuinely wanted these products to try!! Whoa that's out of order, that's bitter. Damn tit for tat happening on the Facebook page. It was worth it but I guess with such a high volume of visitors it was bound to happen - thanks for the comment love xo

  6. This looks like a gorgeous box, I really want to try some stila products! xxx


  7. I very luckily managed to buy a box from a friend. It's fabulous x