Argan+ Body Polish & Dry Body Oil

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Argan oil, one of my number one oils. Anyway I can include it in my routine, I do. Love it on my hair & on my skin.

I mentioned Argan+ 5 last month and since then I've been using the body polish* and dry body oil*.

Did you know : Argan oil is also thought to be anti-Acne and good against chickenpox. Acne is an inflammatory disease in which red dots appear on skin.
It is also deemed to be Aphrodisiac. It increases sexual desire and ability in a person. Argan oil is most popular as an anti-aging agent. It prevents the degeneration of muscles, a natural process resulting from growing age.

This is no understatement, this body polish has to be one of the the best I've ever smelt. Yup, the best to me. Scents take me to a certain place and this takes me to a place of carefree & relaxation.

Creamier than other body polishes I've used and the exfoliating particles are smaller. I've been using this all over and in my vajacial routine. This has crushed olive stones & pumice which is combined with the unique Argan+ Synergy that helps remove dead skin cells to restore healthy skin which is radiant and soft.

£5.99 for 300ml available at Boots

I prefer dry oils than your ordinary ones. Not so greasy, easier to absorb into the skin. This one upon applying it had a spicy smell to it on the skin, not over bearing but to me one of the notes were spicy , it does have a similar smell to the polish minus that smell. By reading the ingredients they seem to have just about all the same ones but my body oil seems to have one a little bit more spice.

It does wear off and the scent I get with the body polish lingers, wouldn't honestly say it hydrates or moisturises the skin as much as I'd like it is meant to help stretch marks and uneven skintone. A little too early to say it's done that.

£6.66 for 100ml available at Boots

Sound like a brand that your willing to try? 

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Halima said...

The Softening Body Polish sounds absolutely lush! £5.99 is not bad! xx

LaaLaa Monroe said...

It's amazing for £5.99, I absolutely love this scrub. If you get a chance sniff it and your sold lol xo

Sam Ram said...

I honestly didn't know argan oil was good for acne. I come from a family of 6 girls and 3 of them suffer from really bad acne. Will be sharing this tip with them.

Great post

Sharon said...

i so wanna try this,thanks for sharing honey w all e tips.

Tattooed Tealady said...

I want to try the body polish!! xo

jenus said...

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jenus said...

Excellent article! This one is very important for beauty conscious people. Your lovely advice on skin is so good. I’m interested to share it with my girlfriend. Hope she will be very happy to see this article. Thanks
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LaaLaa Monroe said...

I really hope it works for them, glad I could help - thank you xo

LaaLaa Monroe said...

No problem lovely xo

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Let me know if you do, I hope you won't be disappointed xo

Josie said...

I definitely want to try the body polish, it sounds gorgeous! x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Oh it really is :o) xo

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