Thursday, August 09, 2012

When I was sent Antiac*, I was at the time having very lucky streak with my skin and had no breakouts until recently. Believing this was the best time more than ever to try it out.  Antiac is great for any of us who suffer from one or more of these problems :
  • Acne
  • White Heads
  • Black Heads
  • Pimples
  • Blemishes

Pimples & Blemishes are my nemesis. They seem to appear just after I've had a great spell with my skin and then with a vengeance they more time appear on the same side each time and no matter what - go down and scar. Antiac is Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies Best Product - now what must say a lot have any of you watched that?

The main benefits of Antiac is to eliminate spots, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Removes toxicity and protects skin cells, helps to balance our skins PH, aids the acne scar self healing process, acts as an anti-microbial agent & most important of all promotes a clear spot free complexion!

It contains natural oils, minerals and vitamins - no alcohol, hormones, antibiotics, peroxides, steroids ....

I've taken a before photo and I'm going to continue to use this alongside my same product August trial, to see how long it takes to clear up and heal.

Since using this in the last few days twice a day - the main point I can say is that it gives this refreshing tingle and makes the skin feel as if it's breathing, quite weird.

Yet if this works .... it may just be something that needs to be around for those just in case moments.

Official Website : Antiac
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Do you suffer from spots ? How do you cope with them ?

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4 Comments so far

  1. I love the new layout hun,its great oh well I love evry layout u create!

    This seems like a great product, may have to check it out for those odd days where I get a pimple and spots!

    1. haha, thanks sugar.

      Yeah I'm hoping it's one of those products that help!

  2. I got this as well but for some reason I've been a bit reluctant to use it - not sure why.

    Like you blemishes and pimples are the bane of my life, no matter what I do they keep coming back and I'm such a 'picker' so they always scar.
    Might give this a go to see what it's like.

    Can't wait to see your verdict on it.

    Love the new banner by the way. Malia is so talented!

    Lola ..x |

    1. I just couldn't use it until now when my spots decided to come out with a vengeance lol.

      Ouch, yeah I didn't use it last night cos I passed out before I could do my night routine oops but I ended up with a spot this morning GRRR!

      Thank you - she truly is. xo


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