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Next week Sunday is Valentines’ Day and Saturday is Galentine’s Day – I did a post on Galentine’s Day here if you want to read & take some ideas. Whatever you do, do for you and pamper yourself either to do something with your girls virtually, if you have roommates or if you want to dress up and feel good for yourself & look good for your OH. But while those days are dedicated to showing your love for others - don't forget show love for yourself and here's a routine that you may want to do or buy gifts for your gals for them to love on themselves with.
Wash that hard week out of your hair, whether you’ve been WFH, helping with home schooling or doing it all and running a household. I like to shampoo my hair twice to really make sure I’ve lifted any residue from my scalp, I even have one of those massagers to promote hair growth and just itch the f – out of my head. Now since having balayage in my hair in October, I feel the colour has dulled a bit even with the purple shampoo. The Hair Boss by Lisa Shepherd – I’ve visited this salon twice and they’re absolutely lovely there (they got me into using a ‘dressing brush’) so to see that Lisa has her own line of products now is nice. This ‘The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss’ is to be used in-between shampoo and conditioning, it’s a semi-permanent dye that you saturate all over your hair while damp and leave on for 20 minutes so begin running the bath…
Purchase: The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss No Colour £14.99*

If you want to give your scalp more of a treat why not try The Hair Boss Scalp Scrub. Lisa Shepherd has shared her tips on scalp health. "As most air 'issues' start with the scalp, this is because each hair grows from and through and individual follicle which surfaces on your scalp, sebum is produced by each follicle and some people have more natural sebum than others." (quite like our facial skin). "It's crucial that the follicle and scalp remain clean and healthy and not blocked by dead skin as this can result in dandruf or infections - impacting hair growth."

"The scalp is made up of cells which divivde and continually work their way to the surface and then shed, so it's essential that dead skin is removed by a weekly exfoliation." Starting in small sections, squeeze a small amount onto fingers and massage gently into the scalp, including the hairline and nape of the neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Purchase: The Hair Boss The Scalp Scrub £7.99
Have a nice bubble bath, bath oils, candles – exfoliate and shave – for me there’s nothing better than after having a bath and feeling that I have super soft and smooth skin cos when those butters and oils glide over the skin – heavenly. Top Tip:- Lock in more moisture by moisturising your skin while it's damp. I take this moment to also cleanse my face to prepare it for my facial.

Time to rinse out the gloss and follow up with the conditioning milk and to help your hair dry quicker and with zero friction, the Aquis hair turban – I swear by. It prevents breakage, frizz and it helps drying time by 50%. These turbans soak up water before it drowns your strands with water that make your hair more fragile and weaker. Aquitex is a fabric they’ve pioneered that is inspired by moisture-wicking workout fabrics. Aquitex is uniquely and thoughtfully woven into channels that move water away from your hair.
Purchase: AQUIS Turban £30.00*

Before blow drying my hair, it’s essential that I protect my skin, because the heat from the hairdryer will only damage the face more. I’m using this L’ABU Skin Trio* right now and it’s a quick one to incorporate for a mini facial. Skin Brightening Serum has AHA fruit acids that gently peel away the skins surface that helps with any pigmentation, imperfections and skin tone with grape seed oil, passionfruit extract, green tea, blueberry extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin A – it’s full of vitamins and amazing organic ingredients. Retinol Complex Oil super light oil, that has a unique combination of botanical ingredients, promotes collagen and elastin whilst helping dark circles and skin tone. You only need a few drops but this is a good guide on how to give yourself an at home facial - try it. Finish with their Collagen Boosting Moisturiser – I normally apply my oil after moisturiser but they suggest oil before – which protects the elastin and collagen whilst forming a barrier to retain skin moisture and hydration, which we all need especially being indoors a lot more and that central heating, it's not kind to our skin or hair.
Purchase: Powerful Anti-Ageing Trio £50.00*

Even though we are wearing masks while we are out & about, there's no reason that our smile shouldn't still be glowing just as much as our hair & skin. Glo32 Teeth Whitening System* that is formulated with Coconut Oil, this is a 14 day treatment with also a on the go whitening pen. The strips work like any others if you have tried whitening strips before if not, you simply tear the package open -carefully and gel side down apply from the sides of your upper teeth along the front and fold underneath the excess to the back of the teeth, repeat for the lower teeth and leave for 20-30 minutes - should go without saying - you can't eat or drink during this time so it's probably the best time when I'm about to blow dry my hair which can take about 15-20 minutes as I like to blow dry my hair straight.
Purchase: Glo32 Teeth Whitening System £30.00*

Of course doing this isn't limited to Valentine's or Galentine's day. It can be a daily and weekly routine for some of us.
Is there any products from this list that you'd love to try or have tried?
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  1. This sounds like the perfect way to enjoy self care! I haven't tried these products but they sound great!

  2. I need to get better at using scalp scrubs and things like that as my scalp does get quite dry in between washes, and I wash my hair every other day. Some good looking products x

  3. Such a lovely routine to follow especially for Valentine and Galentine's Day. Thanks for sharing a thorough review of it

  4. The hair boss products sound really nice. especially the conditioning milk and the turban.

  5. These are some really lovely ideas. I have to admit for me I would love to try the L'abu set - I definitely need some anti-ageing going on.