Getting Back into Dating after Lockdown : 5 Things to Do in Bedfordshire

With the roadmap out of lockdown coming to an end, it’s going to allow us to do a lot more freely, such as dine and drink indoors, go to the cinema and overnight stays. I feel people are going to be so much more inclined to get back into that dating scene. I understand for so many it’s been tiresome as meeting someone in the last year would not have been an easy agenda, lockdowns, tier systems and a whole pandemic. So how do we get back out there on the Bedfordshire dating game, safely and most important while having fun!

Dating Websites

This is a well-known way to meet someone. You might feel a bit nervous having to actually leave the house & meet someone – we’ve all got used to a virtual life in one way or another. There are so many dating apps & websites used in the U.K. You’ve got websites that can also allow you to meet people in your local area specifically such as Bedfordshire Dating Site. It’s a dizzying choice with all the options, do a little research but without a doubt – there is one out there for everyone.

Virtual Date Ideas

Although places are reopening, you can still do things virtually if you’re not feeling that comfortable – do you and your new beau enjoy museums? There are a few online exhibits you can both visit in the comfort of your own home. Virtual dates are nice because you get to both experience and discuss something within your interests. Maybe even have a Netflix party, Google Chrome have an extension that you can download for free and add to your Chrome browser and share the party URL with the person you want to invite.

5 things to Do in Bedfordshire.

Stockwood Discovery Centre

This discovery centre is absolutely beautiful, especially when the flowers are in full bloom. It’s eye capturing! You could bring your own little picnic or visit the Stockwood discovery centre café where their daily specials are made using fresh produce grown in the gardens. Acclaimed artist Ian Hamilton Finlay has his work permanently on display ‘Improvement Garden’ is a classic garden in which the sculptures are an integral part of the landscape and it’s one of the few places in the UK where you can see his work. There’s also a sensory garden, world garden and a medicinal garden – all where you can learn about the usages of plants.

Wrest Park

A country estate with formal early 18th century gardens surrounding the mansion. It has been featured in music videos, served as a venue for a concert, Strictly Come Dancing has filmed here as well as other T.V programmes. And when you visit, you can understand as to why. It’s breathtakingly stunning from the gardens, fountains, sculpture galleries – which is due to reopen. Wrest park booking is advised due to limitations on visitors. There is also an on-site café.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

I’m super excited that the Zoos have reopened. A well signposted attraction so you can find your way around easily. From the butterfly house, tigers and lions – oh and my lovely Squirrel Monkeys plus the Aquarium. It makes for a nice day out especially when the weather is beautiful and the animals are out.

Woburn Safari Park

Having a choice on going on a safari while still having a staycation – perfect. Here you can see penguins, monkeys, Pandas, parrots, meerkats, lions, rhinos – see where I’m going with this. It’s a fun day out to explore and see a variety of animals. Endless fun.

Dunstable Downs

Maybe you just want a date where you can take in the scenery and fresh air. Dunstable Downs are perfect, walkers, cyclists, kite flying and hand gliders all use this calm scenery. Take a picnic up there and relax.

Have you been to Bedfordshire before? Would you?
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  1. I am so glad I am not on the dating scene, I have a friend who is and it is a mindfield and quite scary. I would love to visit Whispnade not been there for years

    1. Me too! It can be quite the headache but I know there's so many people who want to get back out there but they don't know how to!

  2. Some handy tips for people looking to date after lockdown. Dating will certainly be different and hopefully a little cheaper too. Going on a walk date is such a fab idea, Bedfordshire seems to have some awesome places to visit!

  3. We love Bedford and there are so many places to go to on a date. Love all these ideas you have :)

  4. We've just moved to Dunstable so really want to explore the downs when we get a chance, and I want to go back to Whipsnade so much as I haven't been since I was a kid x

  5. The zoo and safari park both sound like exactly what I would enjoy doing - perfect for dates too!

  6. It looks like there's absolutely loads to do in Bedforshire. The safari park and the discovery centre both sound right up my street :)

    Louise x