White Glo Diamond Series - Advanced Teeth Whitening System

Yes, more teeth whitening, I’m on the quest for uniformed colour. The first time I came across White Glo was in 2011, my mum had me order her some other products of theirs from Australia, that were not available in Boots. I’ve only used their toothpaste once before, I didn’t notice much of a shift but always ready to give second chances, introducing the White Glo Diamond Series – Advanced Teeth Whitening System.

Contents are:
-1x Whitening Gel (50ml) enough for 35 Applications
-1x Instant-Fit Mouth Tray Whitens upper and lower at the same time
-1x BONUS FULL SIZE (100ml) Professional Choice Toothpaste
-Instruction leaflet.

This pack is currently £15.00 from Boots, pretty affordable, peroxide free and developed by Dentists. White Glo say this is a revolutionary product that’ll help lift and remove years of stains and yellowing on the tooth enamel safely without abrasion.

There’s an ‘instant-fit’ mouth tray, well this could be a huge con because it won’t fit everyone’s mouth the same. I found it quite uncomfortable and I could imagine those with overbites and other teeth issue will find it immensely uncomfortable. To do this review I had to switch and use custom fit trays I have from a previous teeth whitening system I had which is something not everyone can do – so keep this in mind.

It's simple enough – DO NOT BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE DOING THIS- put the gel on the tray at the front where it’ll connect with the teeth and pop into the mouth and it’ll spread over the teeth surface. Leave it on for 5 – 15 minutes, I decided to do this before I got in the shower so it wastes times (prep for shower, shower, get out) after about 15 minutes, remove the tray & brush with the White Glo Toothpaste included. I did this daily for 7 days as it says this is when you’ll see results.

Hmm well I wouldn't say I saw a great lift but it reminded me of a comment someone left on my last post about teeth whitening, that my teeth aren't that discoloured so I probably won't see such a great lift. One evening (3rd treatment) I used it and I saw quite a bit of lift but it had reverted come morning, so I think it's worthwhile for some who may have more discolouration and need help because it's a very affordable system at £15.00.

Have you ever tried anything from White Glo?

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