Solotica Hidrocor Avela

I've tried a couple brands of coloured contact lenses before and having read about Solotica during this year. I've seen it's a popular brand amongst celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia) and bloggers and since being able to trial them, I can see why.

I opted for the Solotica Hidrocor in Avela because it's a light hazelnut shade. The Hidrocor range have no limbal ring (the black outer ring), they're very opaque and natural looking. When I looked at them in the vial I could barely even see them.
Here's some details on the contacts :
Material: 62% Polymacon ▸ Hydration: 38% ▸Diameter: 14.2 mm ▸ Base curve: 8.7 ▸ Degree: PLANO 0.00 Degree ▸ Manufacturer: Solotica Brazil

In the box there was 1 pair of YEARLY lenses + Lens Case, so I did have to go out a couple days later and get some multi-purpose contact solution. Another good point would be to also have lint free towels because it's the ideal way to make sure once you've washed your hands you'll get a fluff free result and that means no pesky fluff in your eyes. As I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've got a little hair or fluff in my eye while putting contacts in. I've either got use to putting contacts in and wearing them or there's something completely different about this brand that I have such ease putting them in and wearing them.
Here's the eyes closed up, you can see the pattern on the contacts that I feel gives it that beautiful flawless light design, the brown of my eyes is still there through the opaque pattern but it seems to work and give it a unique colour. Avela. As described previously it's a light hazelnut colour that covers my dark brown eyes amazingly as there's not a trace but it also gives it a natural result from afar and even close up, I had someone who knows me look twice and ask if the light was changing my eye colour lol or did I have contacts in but complimented on how natural they appear. I agree. Now for some these can be an issue price wise, these are currently £76.46 which for some you're going to be thinking WTF!? but they're yearly which works out as £6.37 a month and most monthly ones cost £25 or less depending on the brand so it actually isn't a bad deal at all!

Do you like to wear coloured contacts?

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