Conscious Skincare Neutralize Cleansing Trio

It's not secret I adore the Conscious Skincare brand, at any opportunity I work with the brand and I'm going to share with you a skicare set that is for skin that's problematic - like mine! Within this Conscious Skincare Neutralize Cleansing Trio are a Make Up Melt, Neutralize Exfoliant and Lemon Balm Hydrolat, aimed at cleaning, toning and exfoliating skin without irritating or drying it out. It comes in a fair trade organic bag and also included is a Organic Cotton cleansing cloth - which is so soft after each wash too!

Make Up Melt
A product suitable for all skin types, it's made up of certified Organic Sesame & Castor oils which help to gently break down make-up which I think is always good especially on and around the eyes were the skin is thin and delicate it's important to not tug and pull too much or at all. Oils are my choice for makeup remover. Organic Sesame Oil develops a light barrier to keep in moisture and organic Castor Oil penetrates deep into the skin, hydrating and softening (also aides in growing and strengthening lashes). It also helps the production of elastin and collagen which help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additional essential oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Myrtle are included, helping lift grime, unclog pores and tone skin. I can see why it's a "Winner of ‘Best Makeup Remover’ category in 2014 Platinum Awards."

Lemon Balm Hydrolat
This is a facial toner ideal for problematic and sluggish skin, mine can be problematic so anything to give a nice tight and boost, is thumbs up for me. I like to use this in the morning after cleansing to just prep my skin and allow it to just get rid of that last bit of grime that might of stayed around after cleansing. With a subtle smell, it wakes up my skin and myself, the skin doesn't feel dried out after use which is a bonus probably down to the fact that it's alcohol free and it leaves it ready for moisturising. The Lemon Balm is distilled from the Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) plant

Neutralize Exfoliant
This exfoliant has Organic, fair trade Lemongrass essential oil it's an effective astringent to cleanse and tone oily skin. While also helping clear up acne & reducing pore size. Organic Tea Tree oil is an antiseptic, bactericidal and antifungal that helps refresh and cleanse. While having an organic anti-acne blend, Acai Oil, Andiroba Oil and Copaiba Balsam. Organic Aloe Vera Juice is full of bioactive compounds. This includes amino acids, vitamins and minerals – making it one of nature’s most effective cleansers. It has a gentle, calming and soothing effect. An excellent skin moisturiser, it supplies oxygen to skin cells which helps with any skin irritation.

I've used this before and not long actually finished it so it's lovely to have it back within the scent as I was quoted on the Conscious Skincare website ‘It smells uplifting, it has a slight spicy but citrus scent, I apply it to damp skin and use my hands in a circular motions rub it onto my skin.’ Read the full independent review here by top beauty blogger LaaLaa Monroe. Please do read my full review on this product.

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