Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler.

Just before I washed my hair to revert it back to it's natural curls after having it straight for over a week, I decided to try this Chopstick Styler to see how it performs. As I've limited a lot of heat in my hair, I don't mind using heat from time to time - (shoot me natural hair nazis)!!

As I looked at this appliance, lightweight with a 7-10mm ceramic barrel I noticed it had no manual temperature setting, only an on / off slide. It heats up to 200°C and that is it's only temperature setting. It heated up incredibly fast, which I was impressed about, as soon as it's plugged in, by the time I brushed and combed my hair it's been heated up for quite a while, takes about 10 seconds! With any styler like this, I prefer to use a heat protected glove, one isn't included but I have a few as I'd rather save the burn if it occurs - none did - although it has a stay cool tip but I find that sometimes my tips are on the barrel and therefore I need the protection.

Within in an hour or so I'd done my whole head, my hair straight is to the middle of my back, so it covers the barrel quite well but as I wasn't looking for too much of a curl I spread the hair over the barrel which would leave some hair off not being covered so I'd go back and continue so the strand was completed. For this I'd think I may fair better with the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Ultra Long Chopstick Styler.

What I noticed was, I was left with a pattern quite similar to my own natural hair pattern which is a 3A - 3B (multi-pattern) but a lot more thickness which I lovvvvvved! I raked through with my afro comb and the hair just got more defined and bigger so you know what I'll be reaching for just to touch up any limp curls when my hairs misbehaving, right!?

Have you tried anything from Lee Stafford?

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