Know Cosmetics - No Bare Brows.

I'm all for brows! Everytime I 'touch' mine up with a little removal here and there. I get annoyed cos they start to look too 'thin' granted I have brows but I'd want them to be more dense but on top of that I've got bits of my brow that just doesn't grow in so they need filling. Always want more than we have but for that there's brow products and I've got the OG, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade, ColourPop, Shishido, the brands can go on but I'm always on the look for something else. Know Cosmetics are one of Sephora's most popular brands that have since launched in Superdrug. Yes for small mercies.
What intrigued me the most about the No Bare Brows pencil is that it's a 4-1 universal product! - How Sway!? It looks to be a medium to dark brown shade but it can be used for those with light brows too, with wax at the other end to tame brows. This pencil also comes with two additional caps that have built-in sharpener & brush so you've got all you need with just your pencil.
What I think is good about this because it's got buildable colour, you use it very lightly, light strokes for light hairs and a little more pressure for dark brows or continue to go over the strokes to build colour. I was pretty impressed with how it works because it's almost detachable, I didn't feel to have very bold brows on this day and used light strokes to do my tail and sparse areas and I was pretty impressed.


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