Real Techniques Sponges.

Since being introduced to the beauty blender some years ago, I’m all for sponges now. I’ve tried a few brands and Real Techniques this year released some new additions along with their leading sponge.

Miracle Complexion Sponge.
I’ve had this sponge previously and it’s always welcome. Due to the different sides, the rounded sides are great for blending larger areas on the face, dab – dab – dab. While the tip can pin-point blemishes and imperfections which I find good for pigmentation marks for me while using camouflage makeup. The flat side is for around the eyes and nose

Miracle Diamond Sponge.
It’s a really interesting looking sponge. 13 facets meaning you can get more out of the sponge. The designs of the swirls are different on each sponge; no two swirls are the same. Just like the complexion sponge, the pointed tip works on small imperfections, while larger sides apply makeup to larger areas quicker such as the forehead and cheeks. Smaller sides work around eyes, mouth and brow bone. The top works to buff and blend to make the foundation flawless.
-_______It can be used wet for dewy application & dry for full coverage powders.
-_______Recommended to be changed every 1 – 3 months.
-_______Latex Free.
Miracle Sculpting Sponge.
A sponge to help you contour and highlight!? It could possibly work. At times using a brush and not buffing out your lines as well can leave stark lines. This 6-sided sponge, with a very unique design uses the small sides for precision highlighting, making it good for that brow bone, nose tip, cupids bone and highpoints of the cheek. Large side for contour, temples, jawline and cheek. It’s not a large sponge so it makes working with it easier and should keep too much product on the sponge to a minimal.
-_______Use it wet for dewy application & dry for full coverage.
-_______Recommended to be changed every 1 - 3 months.
-_______Latex Free.

Miracle Mini Eraser.
Sponges to erase those mishaps, flaking mascara…! Always extremely handy because sometimes some sponges are just too large to target some areas. Now I’ve seen mini ones before but wasn’t captured too much by them but in hindsight, it’s not a bad idea. With the mini eraser, 3 different sides help to do 3 different things.
-_______Flat edges: erase
-_______Rounded sides: buff + blend
-_______Tip: targeted sweep

There’s 6 ways to erase and for you to get the most out of the sponges:
-_______Sweep away under eye shadow fallout
-_______Wipe away liner gone wrong
-_______Pick up brow product fallout
-_______Wipe away mascara smudges
-_______Pick up over applied shadow
-_______Blend away too much blush or highlighter

I like to use it to definitely sweep away fallout but also to apply my concealer underneath my eyes if I'm going for a full - heavy face (which isn't often)

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