Scholl Light Legs

Scholl have designed and developed tights that are here to help those who suffer from tired, heavy legs especially when on the legs non stop daily, for some it can just be up to 5 hours, I remember working on a counter and never being able to sit down, the legs would ache and sometimes feel as if they cannot move. Scholl Light Legs Compression tights work by helping to boost circulation with targeted pressure from the ankle upwards. Michael Harrison-Blount, expert podiatrist explains the benefits "The highest level of compression should start at the ankle, which moves blood from the foot and ankle into the calf. Intermediate compression should then be applied at the calf to move blood up the leg and into the thigh. Finally, lowest compression should be at the thigh to keep the blood moving towards the heart."

The tights are a 60 denier (the denier is the unit weight used to determining the fineness or thickness, the lower the more fragile and sheer) they're fully opaque and black in colour but although getting up there in thickness they're extremely breathable. My nan suffers from really bad swelling on the ankles, which can make standing and walking when she's out, slightly painful so I thought, okay perfect guinea pig. The first wear, it was experienced that they are tight putting them on before - probably better to stretch them out a few times before wear - but the card included does state that you need to gather the tights to the toes with your thumb and bring it over your toes and feet for a more easier fitting (but be sure you've got no snagging nails or jewellry on). Once on, they fit nicely, give a slender silhouette to the legs, no gathering at the ankles (there are no Nora Batty tights with these - last of the summer wine reference!). On the thigh they're more sheer than below the knees, I guess this is down to the compression and how they've designed the tights. These also go all the way up to underneath the breasts - keep in mind my nana is about 5'2 - but there's a lot of stretch and compression & it doesn't compromise in comfortability. When normally on a day out of walking, give or take about 5 hours where her ankles would already swell up, her legs and feet will feel tired by the time she's reached home and there was none of that, which she was extremely impressed and pleased by. They were easier to take off than put on the first time, when I asked her, her exact response was 'Yeah mon!' LMAO, so I definitely knew, she was impressed. Now with the cold days setting in, I'm definitely getting some to keep my knees warm that get very bothered in winter.

At £14.99 they're extra resistant to tears and ladders thanks to unique Fibre Firm technology and each pair can last up to 100 washes without losing shape or compression, £15 isn't bad at all if you get a lot of wears and benefits from them.

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