Fall Reset: At Home Spa

Treat Yourself.
Now that the days are shorter with the night closing in early we're all making our environments more cosy and snug to get us through the chilly, dark evenings but just because Summer has gone, it doesn't mean we have to stop pampering and looking after ourselves, if anything it's the time to keep it up. I've never used anything from the HoMedics brand until now when I was asked to create a "Happy Hour with HoMedics". Now that there's that extra one hour - how would I create a relaxing environment?

HoMedics have been around since 1987, their brand am is to create healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life.

In this post I've written some things that can be done within an hour by combining for a relaxing experience or create an at home spa day. You can do them all - do some, totally up to you.

Scents can help your emotions. Whether its lighting your favourite incense, candle, dropping, drops of essential oils in a diffuser, spritzing your favourite perfume. Set the tone with your surrounding aroma.

Sandalwood, lavender, lemon, vanilla for my essential oil picks. Candles – I love scented candles, these vegan ones by Harpers Bizarre are without a doubt beautifully scented.

If you like to be able to zone out for 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Meditating can help centre, clear the mind resulting in relaxing our mind, body & soul. Find a space that you can sit comfortably and position yourself upright. Whether you like to chant a mantra or be in complete silence – it takes practice but don’t stress if you feel you’re not ‘doing it correctly’.

Read about my experience with the meditation app; Headspace.

Fresh Flowers.
I remember reading a list of 101 things to keep you happy. Buying fresh flowers weekly for yourself was one. I prefer plants but I can’t deny fresh flowers help to encourage a smile and bring the outdoors in. Not too fussed with what I purchase as long as they’re healthy & bright.
I do love lilies, roses and peonies.

Simple snacks to accompany this spa experience. Such as, infused water, smoothies, tea, snacks such as soup, grapes, strawberries – maybe a fruit kebab? Of course, your favourite chocolates if you’re a chocoholic.
Since treating my nails better this year, they’ve treated me good back. I take the opportunity at least once a week to do my nails. To rid old polish and dead skin and get them fresh for the week ahead. Now I’m looking to extend this to twice a month by using gel nail polish instead.
Rokit Gel Polish Professional Nail Kit has been in my possession for a few weeks now and I make sure to push back my cuticles, cut & file and clean the base before beginning this process. You apply the gel as you would nail polish, first layer make sure it’s thin and cure it, do a next layer not as thin as the next but not thick and cure it twice. I leave my thumbs for last and just focus on the fingers per hand first. Make sure to cap that free edge for a lasting manicure. I love that it keeps that first application shine…It took me about 20 minutes to do both hands. Have I just become a gel nail convert?
Face Mask.
These some to go hand in hand with spa moments – don’t you agree? Most times I can just multi-mask and then multi-task. I’ll always exfoliate and clean my face and proceed with my skins needs in a mask. Majority of the time it’s to dry out spots and reduce oil. Coming towards this time of year, I’m upping the hydration as well. I do enjoy a sheet mask as they’re fuss free but at times can’t part with a good ol’ mud mask.

My favourites are LUSH Don’t Look at Me – ideal for brightening. Origins – Clear Improvement, Out of Trouble & Drink Up Intensive. And sometimes what’s in the kitchen cupboard can benefit your face, I like to use manuka honey + turmeric to help brighten.
Foot Care.
Like a Summer body is made in the Winter, so are Summer nails & feet. While that face mask is on, tend to the feet. A lot of us are on the feet a lot of the time and we forget to treat them well. Let’s start with any stubborn, dead, dry skin. Easy answer? A pedi roller. I stan for these. Without a doubt. Weekly dead skin removing is the best thing to do. Just watching that white dust falling away – hallelujah! HoMedics Soft as Silk 3-in-1 Instant Pedi , this one comes with 3 different rollers!!! Fine, Coarse & Extra Coarse – more value for money (batteries btw are included) This one has a bent handle, took a bit of getting use to for me as I’m use to the vertical type but still effective and does the job perfectly.
HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa - Giving the feet that extra bit of care weekly if possible, is ideal, to soften the heels, balls of the feet to make any hard skin removal easier later on and give relief to tired feet. I like to do a foot soak as it helps to soften the cuticles around my nails and to give them extra TLC. What I like about this is its collapsible design, making it efficient to save space. It's pretty easy to pop out and to fold down.

As soon as it's switched on the vibration massage start to activate through the balls laying on the base of the design. Most foot spa's the heat doesn't stay warm for longer than 10 minutes, this has a keep warm feature allowing it to stay comfortably warm during the 30 minutes advised time. My feet were so soft and relaxed, the feeling of my soles running over the massage balls was a good experience.

I enjoy a shower in the morning, just to wake up and get going but at night I really prefer a bath to relax, set a mood and hope for a good night’s sleep – especially in the fall. When the nights draw in earlier, I love the atmosphere I can make in the bathroom. Candles, warmth, bubble bath / oil. Adding fresh rose petals or rose water to a bath can help with relieving anxiety, balancing hormones, improve acne, reduce rosacea and it’s a natural libido increaser. (now I see why Roses are so romantic). I always add Epsom salts due to their natural detoxing properties. It’s an ideal time to exfoliate & shave if needed while in their as the skins soft and pores opened.

Read my tips on how to do a Korean body scrub at home – the best exfoliation.

After a heavenly exfoliation and hair free body. Having skin so moisturised with a healthy sheen makes me happy. Now I moisturise my body head to toe morning & night – I feel abnormal if I miss it. What I like to use more than anything are butters, mother nature’s butters. I will cut some and put it in a pot, melt it in the microwave either before or after the bath. If I do it before, I’ll rest the pot on the radiator to keep it in its liquid state and warm. Adding a few drops of an essential oil is welcomed. I slather my feet and hands and put on moisturising gloves & socks to really lock in that hydration – believe me you’ll thank me come the morning.

My favourites being Shea Butter or Cupuacu Butter – which is said to be better than the former & I may just agree.
It’s hardly an experience without sound. Music is one thing I cannot do without – it sets the mood. It has the power of changing moods in an instant. Whatever you listen to, to get you into a relaxation state is all preference – whether its instrumentals, easy listening or upbeat. Put on whatever makes you happy and relaxed. Sometimes making playlists in advance helps. I’ve got so many different playlists via Google Play – seasonal, exercise, chores – whatever.
Reading, books also have an instant power of pulling you in, taking you on a journey, making you think, empowering, inspirational. There’s something for everyone when it comes to reading. If like me you’ve got a list longer than your arm to get through, setting aside time to read before bed, in the bath, in front of the fire, candle burning and your favourite mug with drink of choice or even on a blissful, calm autumnal day take it outside for some Vitamin D and fresh air. This is the time to get through that stack. Let me know below what books you’ve loved so far this year…

Something I have started this year is journaling, it’s great to be able to write and just get any thoughts and feelings out on paper. I’m a talker, I wear my heart on my sleeve and have no problem with that but sometimes being able to write and clear the mind instantly is therapeutic.

With fall brings amazing T.V. it encourages the couch potato that’s for sure but it doesn’t mean we’ve got to do that. While soaking our feet, and making our face less hazardous with our face mask. Having a catch up is ideal, makes the time go quicker and no doubt break our face mask if funny in the process.

Clean space, Clear Mind.
Anything like me, then you’ll find cleaning therapeutic and relaxing. For me being able to have a clear out or a tidy up makes me feel better. Putting things in their place means when I do sit down to relax, I don’t have to worry about anything. I know where something is, no stress. It’s clean and I’m happy.

Thank you HoMedics for that extra hour pamper tools.

How do you like to relax?

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