Miss Fit Skinny Tea Review.

When I saw, the Miss Fit Skinny Tea email in my inbox a while ago I was very hesitant whether this would be something I’d like to try until I read it’s laxative free. I know skinny / detox teas are everywhere these days thanks to them being pimped out on IG as ads, what can you really believe?

Having read about the dangers of skinny / detox teas because women were finding themselves to be pregnant after using the teas because of the laxatives. They’d take their contraception pill in the morning in conjunction with drinking the teas which then of course making you go to the toilet excessively thanks to the laxatives and before the body has had time to absorb the pill, it’s passed straight back out. Those teas have no warnings. Although I’m not on the pill, I had tried a detox tea before and reviewed it because it didn’t work for me at all!!
I decided to read up on this tea beforehand and it doesn’t contain Senna leaf or any other laxatives – so for me that’s a go but I was unsure where the 14 days would lead me. You beauts have already seen the strawberry infuser, it’s from Miss Fit Skinny Tea! I’ve never had to brew tea before so it was a new experience but a welcomed one. Within the packaging are leaves (of course) mixed up of Hibiscus, Jasmine, Lotus Leaf, Chamomile, Pu'Erh Leaf, Sencha Green Tea, Lemongrass, Rhubarb Root, Fennel & Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Besides Chamomile & Sencha Green Tea, all the others I’ve never drank before. I’d simply get a teaspoon as scoop up leave and place into the strawberry infuser, pop into the mug and pour the hot water over and put a saucer on top and leave to infuse. It says to do it for 3-5 minutes but one morning I’d left it on the kitchen side for an hour or so while getting ready and forgot, so I poured some more hot water over it and drank it and I preferred it, the infusion of the leaves really benefited. But honestly 5 – 60 minutes it doesn’t matter either way I was amazed at the nice taste.
They suggest to have a nutritional, clean diet which came at a time where I stepped on some scales and was less than impressed, I’d put on weight since this new therapy thanks to the overeating I’d started to do, to deal with the emotional stress. That Sunday I was kicked in gear, started my new lifestyle change and would drink this tea daily, up to 4x a day for two weeks. The cooler days encouraged me to drink warmer drinks again, which made it easier for me to drink more of the tea. So, you’re wondering how I got on with it results wise?

No possible side effects – thank God! Just increased peeing, which one night wasn’t welcomed lol, I had the tea quite late – around 8pm and that night I couldn’t sleep, from 11pm – 1am nearly every 5 minutes it seemed I was up and peeing. At the end of my 14 days (really 15 when I weighed) I’d lost 10lbs. I drink a lot of water, I mean a lot – my friends always comment on my water intake and I’ve kept up with the water, new lifestyle change & the tea within this time, so I’m not sure what I can pin point it on but it probably it helped me to lose a lot of water weight, the first week it was 8lbs and the next week 2lbs! I’m going to continue with the tea because it was part of my new change and I want to keep it up alongside now adding my exercise regime.

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