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Durex Invisible Extra Thin Condoms, Durex Play Lube, Durex Pleasure Ring
Off the back of my Should Women Carry Condoms post - which I thank you all for your comments, was really interesting to read through. A lot of you don't know I use to have a sex + relationships blog but decided to bring the content over instead. Mainly because well it's my main blog & I'm a woman, this isn't anything to be embarrassed about, it's natural. I was thinking about the last post I wrote and how I think women should be prepared by carrying protection, regardless. Now stepping it up, what else to have as preparation. I think to have fun and experiment with a partner, is good & trusting. Being able to let go, speak about trying things together is a positive. I've got 3 products here that I'd recommend...

Durex Invisible Extra Thin Condoms.

Now depending on the situation you may or may not use them, it's fine but I'm going to introduce these Durex Invisible Extra Thin condoms, oh I've heard the excuse as I'm sure other women have too "I can't feel anything when I wear one!" Well prayers may have just been answered because these are the thinnest condoms ever developed by Durex which means that they are going to give your partner the chance to have more of a skin on skin feel by enhancing the sensitivity while being protected (condom effectiveness of about 98%), they also don't carry that smell most condoms have - could these possibly be the best ones Durex have released? You may have also heard the - "They're too tight!", "They're too small!" lyric, well considering a condom has stretched over a size 7 foot with ease, I don't know what the problem is here and the majority of Durex have designed and accommodated for all sizes so that they'll fit to different length,while leaving extra room at the tip for ejaculation. Unless his penis is smaller or bigger than around the average!! These do retail for £9.99 for a packet of 6, that could be a cost issue for some but I think if it does the job, there's no price on that.

Durex Play Feel Lube.

Durex Play Feel Water Based lube, a lube that isn't greasy or sticky, it's certainly silky smooth. Used to lubricate vaginal dryness, although I do not suffer, I know some women do while aroused and it's not something to be ashamed of with so many different lubes on the market now, it's fun to experiment. These are ideal for anal sex also as there is no natural lubrication. If you like to also use sex toys with or without your partner, water based lubrication is a winner!! Remember sex should be pleasurable and not uncomfortable. All Durex Play lubes are safe to use with Durex condoms.

Durex Pleasure Ring.

I've always seen these but never tried or thought about trying them. Durex Pleasure Ring, is used to help maintain an erection for longer, some men might be offended by this but it's not to say he can't keep an erection, it's experimenting and having fun, for both. To really understand a pleasure ring is to understand how an erection works. The brain sends signals to the specialised blood vessels in the penis, as the blood flow increases so does the penile tissue engorge (temporary increase in size) and hardens in the process. The pleasure ring creates a situation that the blood cannot escape as easily as it enters meaning that he stays harder and going for longer. Some men get a little more girth as women feel they have a little swelling making sex even more enjoyable. You'll find ones that are made of a flexible material, that'll stretch and accommodate as he gets harder to be more comfortable for him. Please stay away from metal, I'd suggest using this one, it can be used up to 6x. It doesn't stop him from cumming & it shouldn't be kept on for longer than 30 minutes or worn while sleeping. I think it's a great asset for couples to try once in a while.
Can be used with or without Durex Condoms.

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