My Top 3 Blogging Rules.

I’ve had this blog since late 2008 and I’ve been consistent with it as much as I can little break here and there but nothing too long term. I’m always asked tips on blogging and I don’t really have any, I just blog and for some reading this, it might be hard to understand but it’s true, I don’t stress about analytics too much, I might look at them and see where I could try and improve but over these 8 years, I’ve just done as I’ve pleased, so these are my 'rules'.

Changing Layouts

I use to do this so frequently, especially before it became advised to have a responsive layout. I learnt a lot of HTML/CSS from my MySpace layout days so it helped me to be able to tweak a lot of my layouts to make them individual. Now I don’t change them as much since this responsive thing came into play last April, I’ve changed it twice but get it custom designed & tweak things to my taste. Because I get bored easily and it’s fun to try something new. When people would go on my blog and see it was private, I’d always receive tweets with most saying “It looks like @LaaLaaMonroe is changing her layout again”. Readers still know who I am, the name doesn’t the change – the logo possibly – never can be satisfied on a logo. Just don’t be scared to change up occasionally.

Niche Content?

When I first started this truly was a lifestyle blog, I blogged about my personal life, music, fashion, blogging tips, makeup – the works. As the blog developed it became more beauty with little lifestyle but was more looked upon as beauty and it became mostly that. I love beauty, I became a makeup artist because I respect the versatility, the creativity and the longstanding craft but when it comes to being a woman and being me, there’s more to me than just that. Slowly I’ve started to involve a lot more of that, being 28 and a grown woman there’s more to my life than just beauty and I want to continue to share that, I know people feel you should have a niche because it makes it easier for people to search and look for things because a niche is something that is filling up the gap, it’s unique and different. I like a variety and I hope my readers do too, it gives you more of an insight into who I am.

Post whenever

I’ve read various articles and people have given their opinion on when it’s best to post, I’ve read how to use google analytics to find your busiest post days, I’ve read it should be daily, once a week, a couple of times a week. When I first started (a lot of the posts are now deleted and thanks to Google reader being closed down those posts are lost) I would post up to 3x a day but when I started there wasn’t many blogs around, it wasn’t the popular thing so content being spewed out highly frequently wasn’t an issue and I’d steady get up to 30 – 40 comments per post. I have done the 7 days a week, the analytics but now I just post 4x a week because well I want too.

Do you have any tips that have helped you through your active blogging time?

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