Dorco EVE 6 Razor Review

Dorco Razors, granted I had never heard of the brand before so it's completely new to me and I'm thankfully I finally know about them. They asked me to model and show off my legs in a new outfit, courtesy of a Selfridges gift card (more on that later) I don't mind to get my legs out, it's a rare sight lol. My issues with razors are this, I have used both women and men razors, I preferred men's because of the close shave and more blades. While women razors seem to stop at 4, men 5-6. Those extra blades to me, really matter! I have noticed a lot more no matter if I exfoliate, have a long soak, the hair doesn't cut with one swipe - maybe 3 passes to get rid of it all and then my skin feels irritated and it puts me off wanting to shave, it also means I don't bother with shaving in the shower. So what's so different with the Dorco EVE 6?

Dorco Six Blade Razor

Being their first female razor, it's to me the best to start off with. It's got a bendable double 3 blade and when I say bendable, the razor bends in the centre. The head is quite big but it covers more of the shaving area for a quick and close shave, with an innovative brush finger, it massages the body and raises hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave. Within the blue rubber bands above and below the double blades, it contains Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender. Giving a smooth, protecting shave. Be good for even the most sensitive of skins.

It has a pivoting head, allowing it to glide over knees and around ankles if need be, I didn't find it was a sudden pivot, it moves with each curve, I didn't even really notice the change.

At the back of the razor behind the blades there's open holes that allow you to clean and rinse out a lot more easier. I found just rinsing it under the shower each time, front and back, the hairs would just slip out with ease, I didn't have any hair caught. Easy clean!
Being lucky to catch that hot September day and bare legs that were cut SO close that there's not even a hint of a hair follicle or redness, something I've had to deal with very frequently with use of a razor lately. No matter what I do, the skin gets irritated, never use to have that problem so it led to me having prolonged intervals of shaving, I finally think this has changed.

Keep in mind this has NOTHING to do with the performance of the razor. Now onto why I didn't do an outfit post, as I was kindly sent a Selfridge's gift card, I'm viewing the items but with very little within my size and budget, unfortunately it was impossible to find something I like, plus returns - refunds, gets tiring. I managed to find a dress, cami slip on - my personal style and reasonably priced. When it arrived, I couldn't even get it on but when I managed to wriggle it down was too tight on the hips, bear in mind it's a loose fitting style, size L (12-14), it was tight at the hips, loose a little on the waist, tight at the bust. Disaster. Knowing nothing else was going to fit and I wasn't prepared to buy a few sizes up for something to actually fit with comfort and feel even more crappy. I counted my losses and realised, body + Selfridges = no buy. I honestly could of worn something of my own but hey, I was being a woman and felt so shit - this was the best I could do! Hey it happens, with shark week approaching ... probably best to not PMS over clothes.

BUT out of it all, I got me a women's shaver - 6 blades, even better as it's designed to work with our needs and some smooth, fresh legs that I'm happily rubbing against the other.


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